15 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Guys That They'll Actually Like

Every Valentine's Day, I have the same three thoughts: (1) I can't wait for chocolate. (2) I can't wait for the day after Valentine's Day for all the 50 percent-off chocolate. (3) WTF am I going to get the boy? Shopping for a guy for a holiday that's stereotypically catered to women (what's up with that, anyway?) is a royal pain in the can. If you're also experiencing holiday-related stress, I've got a list of 16 Valentine's Day 2018 gifts for guys that will make your shopping trip a total breeze.

I've always wondered what men really think about Valentine's Day, so I went on the search for answers and ended up on Yelp's conversation board. (In related news, Yelp has a conversation board.) Someone posed the question: Do men truly care about Valentine's Day or do they just follow what their partners want? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answers varied greatly. Some men love it, some hate it, and some are indifferent. Turns out general opinion about Valentine's Day is pretty similar for people across the board.

Regardless of everyone's feelings toward the holiday, though, there's one thing we all love: day-after-Valentine's-Day-half-off chocolate. OH! And presents. We all love presents. Here are 16 present ideas for guys that, TBH, most people would love to get year-round.

A Really Sleek Watch

Gunmetal Black, $135, MVMT

A watch might be the most logical gift ever. Everyone needs to know the time. And don't start in with the, "Yeah, well he could just look at his phone" mumbo jumbo. A watch is less of a hassle because you don't have to take it out, and it looks really cool and stuff.

Star Wars Underwear

Men's Star Wars Millennium Falcon Boxer Briefs - Black, $12, Target

This Valentine's Day, gift your man with the best undies ever, so the Force is always with him.

A Personalized Wallet

Personalized Leather Wallet, $33+, Etsy

Practical and stylish? Yes. Plus, you can have it engraved with his name, in case he ever forgets it or something. Designed by WoodPresentStudio on Etsy.

The Echo Dot

Echo Dot, $47, Amazon

It's like Siri, except her name is Alexa, and she lives in your home. You can ask her questions, give her commands, get the news, listen to audiobooks, and she'll even tell you jokes.

Whiskey Stones

Soapstone Whiskey Rocks, $9, Amazon

If the guy in your life likes whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or anything else that needs to be kept cool without getting diluted (LaCroix, anyone?), these fancy schmancy whiskey rocks are just the ticket.

Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized Gold Cufflinks, $40, Etsy

You know what would go great with his personalized wallet? How about these personalized cufflinks? He'll never forget his name, now! Check out these goods from CelebrateToday on Etsy.

A Beard Trimmer

Braun beard trimmer BT5090, $70, Braun

Well-coifed beard hair is always in style, if that's the kind of thing that floats his boat.

An Activity Tracker

Fitbit Zip, $60, Fitbit

Is he hellbent on getting his $10,000 steps in but has no way to track them? Fitbit to the rescue! The Zip is small and discreet, easy to use, and syncs wirelessly. Technology!

A Drone

6-Axis Quadcopter Drone with Camera and Remote Control - White, $30, bcp

Drones are toys for adults, and this is one gift that will give anyone hours of play. Make no mistake about it: once he opens this up, everyone else will cease to exist (unless they happen to be twenty plus feet up off the ground).

A Cookie Cake

Happy Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Cake, $40, Mrs. Fields

Mark my words: this is the best $40.00 you will ever spend. The guy in question (and his stomach) will thank you.

A Subscription Box

Monthly Grooming Kit, $9.00/month, Dollar Shave Club

Subscription boxes aren't only for major holidays. You can choose from products like razors, blades, shampoo, lotion, and body wipes. Your bearded friend will be so happy.

A Basketball Hoop Mug

The Mug With a Hoop, $24, Uncommon Goods

SLAAAAAAAAAM DUNK! Make his breakfast oodles of fun with this ballin' mug (and then steal it from him at every given opportunity, because duh).

Avocado Savers

Avocado Huggers, $8, Uncommon Goods

Do people know about this? One of life's biggest conundrums is how to keep the other half of your avocado fresh. Now we know how. Good job, humanity. You did good.

Beer-Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop Chocolate Maple Porter Beer Making Kit, $40, Amazon

If the guy in question fancies a brewski, this is what he's been missing in his life. It's perfect for beginners, and let's be real: beer is so much more meaningful when you make it yourself.

A Personal Sunrise

Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation, $109, Amazon

February is smack dab in the middle of winter, and seeing as it won't be getting light early in the morning anytime soon, anyone will love this sunrise-simulating light from Philips. There's an alarm clock in there, too. Bonus!