15 Ways To Change Your Relationship Dynamic If Your Partner Isn't Treating You Right

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

If you're in a relationship, and it feels like your partner isn't treating you right, then you might be wondering whether or not it's possible to turn things around and create a dynamic where you both feel loved, heard, respected, and appreciated. And as long as the situation isn't toxic, the answer is yes — as long as you're both willing to put in the work.

"If you have two people committed to the [relationship] and each other, then they can work anything out," marriage and family therapist Saudia L. Twine, PhD, NCC, LLMFT, LLPC tells Bustle. "It’s just a matter of educating your [partner], teaching them what you do prefer, and then exercising patience and forgiveness while they learn how to do better."

But you should be willing to work on yourself, too. "Learning about what makes relationships successful and owning your unproductive behavior is a great place to start," couples consultant and coach Lesli Doares tells Bustle. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes, that effort just isn't worth it.

"Some relationships cannot be salvaged because the other person is not capable of being a good partner," Doares says. "This is true where there is abuse, certain personality disorders, a life view that is inconsistent with yours, etc." So, don't be afraid to move on, if your partner just can't treat you right.

That said, if it does seem worth it, and you'd like to make it work, read on for a few expert tips on changing the dynamic, and creating a healthier relationship.