15 Women Describe The Food That Defines Them

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Maybe you grew up having weekly Sunday night pasta dinners with your family, and your mom used an old Italian recipe with lots of fresh tomatoes and garlic. Today, you can still taste it when you think about it. Or perhaps you were born abroad, then came to the U.S. and fell in love with one of the first foods you ate, like a Chicago hot dog with all the toppings. No matter what, there’s likely a particular food that helped shape your identity.

Mandy Enright, a registered dietitian and creator of the couples blogs and podcast, Nutrition Nuptials, tells Bustle that certain foods help ground you. “No matter what goes on in the world outside, food is something that can always bring a smile to your face or a memory back, particularly when it’s associated with certain experiences, people, or a certain time period,” she says.

Whether you were raised eating it or introduced to it as an adult, there’s likely a particular food that defines you. It's about what the food represents to you, such as family closeness or freedom, Enright says.

Below, 15 women share the food that defines them, so get ready to relate — or become hungry.