16 Holiday Items About To Hit Shelves At Aldi This November

Aldi has a huge range of holiday products.

Aldi is always a world of weird and wacky finds — and that is especially true during the holidays. It's the kind of place you go in to grab some soup and leave with an 8-foot tall plush toy and a new set of glittery hammers. But Aldi really comes into its own during the holiday season, when a whole winter wonderland of delights awaits in the Aldi holiday products section.

When it comes to holiday decorations and treats, people go to a lot of different ways. Some people stock up online and call it a day, whereas others love combing every store within a 500-mile radius for the most over-the-top holiday specials. Well, if you want to get it all done in one place, then I have to say that the array of Aldi holiday products is pretty jaw-dropping. Seriously, everything you need — and a lot of things you don't need — will be lining shelves for you to discover.

Throughout November, Aldi is dropping some major holiday products, starting with last wisps of PSL before diving deep into full Rudolph and Santa territory. There's so much on offer it can be tough to navigate your way around — so here are some of the top finds to keep your eyes peeled for.

Available From Nov. 6

Friendly Farms Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Creamer — $1.99

Courtesy of Aldi

Do you want to get your PSL vibe on, but find the actual drink a little bit too much? This creamer lets you give a little touch to your coffee, without being too sickly sweet — and I'm all about the almond milk.

Specially Selected Caramel Corn Nut Mix — $2.99

Courtesy of Aldi

YES. I love caramel corn, but often feel like it's missing that extra bite. Throwing nuts into the mix is a definite win — and it still has a holiday feel.

Priano Bourbon Sweet Potato Ravioli — $2.99

Courtesy of Aldi

OK, this might not be specifically holiday-related — but bourbon in ravioli? I need to know more.

Available From Nov. 13

Cuvée No 5 Brut Sparkling Tri-Pack — $7.99

Courtesy of Aldi

What's better than one bottle of sparkly drinks? Three mini-bottles of sparkly drinks. This looks like a pretty amazing holiday party pack to me.

Bake Shop Pecan Pie — $4.99

Courtesy of Aldi

Nothing beats a pecan pie this time of year — and not having to bake it yourself makes it extra tasty.

Available From Nov. 20

Reindeer Ice Cream Pops — $1.79

Courtesy of Aldi

OK, why are reindeer so under-represented at this time of year? Snowman and Santas get all of the attention, but let's make this the year of the reindeer — and start with these pops.

Choceur Belgian Chocolate Waves - Salted Caramel — $2.59

Courtesy of Aldi

They actually have a few different flavors of these chocolaty waves, but I was particularly drawn to the salted caramel because salted caramel is my love language. The dark, minty ones looked pretty great, too.

Merry Moments 7 Foot Christmas Inflatable — $29.99

Courtesy of Aldi

What is better than an inflatable to go in your front yard? One that is a full seven feet tall and ready to fill your heart with holiday spirit. That's what. It doesn't get any better than this. And it's less than 30 bucks.

Specially Selected Caramel Crave — $5.99

Courtesy of Aldi

OK, so I'm going to level with you here — I'm not sure exactly what this is, but it looks to be a giant box of chocolates with the words "crave" and "caramel" in the name so... I'm in. I don't need to know anymore.

Heart to Tail Pet Pajamas — $4.99

Courtesy of Aldi


Merry Moments Adult Union Pajama — $14.99

Courtesy of Aldi

So if your pet is going to get some brand spanking new holiday pajamas, then you should get some, too. These look as cozy as you could want them to be.

Merry Moments Holiday Porch Tree — $19.99

Courtesy of Aldi

Alright, I'm well aware that there are a lot of strong feelings about real vs. fake trees during the holidays — but if you can't handle the faff of a real one or you're traveling, then this is a good alternative.

Available From Nov. 27

Barrissimo 12 Coffees of Christmas — $6.99

Courtesy of Aldi

12. Days. Of. Coffee. With flavors like "Chocolate Coconut Blizzard" and "Christmas Cookie", you shouldn't need any more convincing.

Barissimo Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew Coffee With Almond Milk — $2.29

Courtesy of Aldi

Peppermint mocha cold brew on the go — with almond milk. That's a lot of holiday bliss without a lot of effort. Plus, peppermint mocha is having a moment this year.

Merry Moments Ugly Sweater Wine Bottle Cover — $2.99

Courtesy of Aldi

Who says your wine bottle needs its own ugly sweater? I do. I say that.

Benton's Gingerbread House Kit — $7.49

Courtesy of Aldi

Finally, a gingerbread house is always a wholesome holiday activity — unless you just eat the pieces straight out of the box while watching murder shows, like I do. Either way, it's a holiday classic.

Aldi has a lot on offer this holiday season — and the holidays aren't even here yet. How much holiday joy can you handle? You might want to pace yourself.