You Totally Forgot About These Beloved Disney Channel Shows

by Amy Roberts

Let's got one thing cleared up right here and now: we grew up during a golden era of kids TV. In fact, there were so many amazing kids shows of the '90s and early '00s that we were kind of spoiled for choice on what to watch. As a result, there's likely a whole bunch of Disney Channel shows you totally forgot you loved. And it's OK. These things happen. What matters is that I'm here to help.

The problem with a lot of these shows is that we all might have been too young when we were watching them to remember them now. Or some of them were forgettable because they were spin-offs of an existing program. (Listen, I don't know about you, but there's only space in my memory bank for a single version of a TV show at any one time.) But the heart never forgets, you guys, and hopefully you'll be swooning in nostalgia at the mention of any one of the shows below.

So wrap up with a blanket, because you're definitely going to be catching some major nostalgia feels when I remind you of some of these beloved Disney Channel shows that you might have forgotten about.


'Flash Forward'

The eighth grade friendship between Tucker and Rebecca felt too real for those of us who grew up with a male best friend, only to find our relationship changing as we grew up.


'Teen Angel'

You remember this one, right? He died eating a really old burger and returned to Earth as an angel to look after his bestie? Yeah, well, call me crazy, but there was just something about the combination of that sports jacket with those heavenly wings that gave me the biggest crush on Teen Angel.


'Bug Juice'

I love Bug Juice so much that I still want to go and spend a summer having fun, making friends, and gossiping about boys over at Camp Waziyatah to this damn day.



I don't know if it was the adorable, yet aggressive, antics of baby Sinclair or the fact that Dinosaurs was strangely progressive for its time, but, damn, I loved this show.



There was no other cartoon on TV that so perfectly depicted the pain and humiliations of puberty and high school than Braceface.


'Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers'

It doesn't matter how old school this cartoon, which started in the late '80s, was, I'm willing to wager that you never missed an episode when you were a kid. I definitely didn't.


'Darkwing Duck'

Even if you've forgotten about the actual series itself, which depicted a sassy, crime fighting duck in a mask, I bet you haven't forgotten the Darkwing Duck theme song. That track is a masterpiece, yo.


'Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series'

Sure, you probably loved watching the original puppet version of Fraggle Rock as a child, but I can guarantee that you probably also loved the animated spin-off of it as well, even if you can barely remember it.



Gargoyles went deep, guys. They might have been made out of stone, but they had some big, bruised hearts underneath. On the other hand, they were kind of terrifying to watch as a child. Does anyone really want the gargoyles of local buildings to come alive at night, even if it's to fight crime? Yeah, no thank you.


'Goof Troop'

Goofy was a single dad raising his son in the suburbs. Considering it was Goofy, the show was as silly as you'd expect, but it was also surprisingly moving at times. He wasn't just a clown, people. He had feelings. Real, savage feelings.


'Mighty Ducks'

If your household was anything like mine, then the original movies (starring a young Joshua Jackson) were likely played on repeat all the time. Though this cartoon was totally different from the vibe of those films, it was still pretty fun.


'Sabrina: The Animated Series'

Utilizing the vocal talents of OG Sabrina, Melissa Joan Hart, the animated series was cuter and aimed towards a younger audience than the live action version. But be honest, you absolutely adored it.



A show where Baloo, King Louie, and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book basically all run a business together? Inspired.


'Brotherly Love'

Just when you thought your crush on '90s pin up Joey Lawrence couldn't get any bigger, Brotherly Love provided two other Lawrence brothers (Matthew and Andrew) for you to coo at in this adorable family sitcom.


'Eerie, Indiana'

It was weird, spooky, and felt like a secret show that our parents wouldn't understand.


'Bear In The Big Blue House'

Though it was aimed at preschoolers, I think I speak for everyone when I say that Bear In The Big Blue House was bomb at any age. It was fun and silly and provided an instant hit of happiness.

Now that I've refreshed your memory on these classics, I definitely think some marathon viewing sessions are in order pronto.