16 Hilarious Memes & Tweets About Tax Day That Are Super Relatable

Tax Day is officially just around the corner, and it's... well, it's definitely not the best time of the year for most of us. While Tax Day typically falls on Apr. 15, this year, it's a little different. Since Apr. 15 falls on a weekend in 2018 (a Sunday, actually), and because Mar. 16 is a government holiday, your taxes will be due on Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2018. Great! An extra two days! That hardly makes Tax Day any easier, though, to be totally honest. If you can relate to that feeling of overwhelming panic when it comes to getting your taxes done, then you will definitely also relate to the below Tax Day memes and tweets, which are honestly very on point.

This is actually a perfect way to procrastinate doing your taxes if you haven't finished them just yet, although of course, I can't really encourage that... but, you know, if you need a break, you can read this. They'll make you feel less alone as you stress out about how you're possibly going to get your taxes done on time when you have literally no idea what you're doing. They'll also make you laugh during a weekend that just might be full of anxiety and the feeling that you're completely failing at adulthood. Hey, at least you aren't the only one, right?

Even if you have done your taxes, you might be stressing out about the fact that you owe the government a lot of money! It doesn't seem fair, but it happens to the best of us, and it's enough to make you want to scream... very loudly. Instead of getting angry, try laughing at these tax memes. They won't give you your money back, but they will make you feel like there are others in your boat too.

Whatever the case, good luck getting everything done before Apr. 17. You've got this!

This Meme That Explains How We All Feel About Taxes

If you haven't done your taxes yet, and you know you still need to, but you don't know when you're going to make the time... yeah, this is definitely an accurate representation of you right now.

This Child Who Makes A Good Point

Um, wow, this is just more proof that children are a lot smarter than we think they are.

This One About Working As An Accountant

I have never worked as an accountant and I never will (I am very bad at math!), but this seems very accurate to me anyway. Yikes!

This Very True Statement

Speaking of math, why did we learn so many useful pieces of information, and nothing that would, you know, actually help us get through the adult portions of our lives? It blows my mind.

This Great Lesson

The OG great funny Tax Day tweet. This is an example of very good (and beneficial) parenting, guys. I stand by that.

This Great Idea

Sounds like the best kind of tax therapy out there, if you ask me.

This Example Of All Of Us

Who doesn't procrastinate when it comes to their taxes? It's like, you sit down to get them done, and suddenly you need to focus on about a million and one other things that demand attention now.

This Tweet That Is All Of Us

Every single year, I wonder why I waited until the very last moment to do my taxes and swear I won't do it again. Every. Single. Year.

This Rude Insinuation

Honestly, now is not the time to remind us of our shortcomings, okay?

This Very Relatable Tweet

You never feel less like an adult than you do when you're trying to get your taxes done and you have no clue what you're doing.

This Understandable Question

Can you imagine if this worked? It would be amazing!

This Tweet You'll Love If You're A Freelancer

This is my first tax season as a freelancer, and yeah... it sucks! This tweet is very on point!

This Perfect Tax Meme

It does kind of feel like the same kind of torture as The Hunger Games, doesn't it?

This Very Relatable Statement

Same, except I don't have enough wine.

This Extremely True Tweet

It's great to be an adult every once in a while, but definitely not during tax season.

This Game We're All Playing

It sounds fun, but it also sounds horrible, you know?