7 Things You Probably Missed In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7

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In Game Of Thrones Season 7 there are many signs of what is to come in the final season. Some of these signs are obvious (like these clues that Daenerys could die in Season 8), while others are less obvious clues that you may have missed in GOT Season 7. But these more subtle moments are definitely worth paying attention to.

Some of these clues, like the return of a certain Stark's direwolf, are clear callbacks to earlier seasons. It would be hard to believe that the writers of the show would repurpose dialogue, nearly word-for-word from Season 1, if they weren't looking to make some major connections to the final season. FYI, Missandei herself, Nathalie Emmanuel, thinks the GOT finale will be even better than you expect it to be.

So in anticipation of what could be the best finale ever, let's dissect these blink-and-you'll-miss-them moments that seem like they need further investigation. Because seriously, how does the Children of the Forest's cave drawings connect to the White Walkers? This is just one of many questions that demand answers, and since Game Of Thrones is a big puzzle waiting to be solved, examining these pieces might help fans put everything together — once and for all.


Children Of The Forest's Cave Drawings

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When Jon Snow goes to Dragonstone he finds cave drawings from the Children of the Forest, the non-human race that originally inhabited Westeros. As ScreenRant pointed out last year, the Children's drawings resemble the formations of the men and horses that the White Walkers have been leaving along the Wall. Clearly, those hieroglyphics mean something to the Night King, and Season 8 might reveal what that is.


Arya & Nymeria's Meeting Was Nostalgic

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When Arya and her beloved direwolf reunited it didn't feel so good. That's because Nymeria was uninterested in going back with her owner. As Nymeria turned and walked away, Arya said, "That's not you." It was reminiscent of something Arya said to her dad, Ned Stark, when he told her in the first season she was going to get a castle and a dress when she grew up. "That's not me," Arya said.

The callback to that moment seems intentional, perhaps a sign that Nymeria might be back in Season 8 to show us who she really is.


Bran Could Be The Night King

In the Season 7 finale, the Night King, with help from his new ice dragon, brought down the Wall, allowing the White Walkers to march right through.

According to Reddit, what you may not have noticed is that when the White Walkers passed the wall, they appeared to form a direwolf, which happens to be the sigil for the Starks. Some think it's the most explicit clue yet that Bran is actually the Night King. No doubt, the Bran is Night King theory, which has been kicking around for awhile, will be addressed in the final season.


Jon Snow Pulls A Very Ned Move

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When Jon Snow grabbed Petyr Baelish by the neck and said, “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself," it should have given Littlefinger flashbacks of Ned Stark. Jon Snow's adopted father also took hold of Littlefinger's throat to threaten him. But of course it would be Arya, who would take away his throat, and his life, with one fell swoop.


Gendry's Weapon Is Similar To His Dear Ol' Dad's

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After disappearing on that boat, Gendry finally showed up again in Season 7 with a hammer in hand. That hammer should look familiar to those who know Robert Baratheon's history. Gendry works as a blacksmith and made himself a war hammer just like Robert's. His father used his to defeat Rhaegar Targaryen at the Battle of the Trident, where he fought alongside Ned Stark.

Could Gendry also use his hammer to win a battle and take back the throne that is rightfully his as the last remaning Baratheon? To do that, he'll have to take down a Targaryen or two in Daenerys and Jon Snow. But, the design of the hammer hints at the fact that Gendry might not be interested in following in his dad's footsteps. Instead of the Baratheon sigil of a black stag, his hammer has a ram on it. This is a man who's forging his own path and in Season 8 fans will see where it takes him.


Bran Can't See The Future

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The newest Three Eyed Raven revealed this when talking to Samwell Tarly. "I can see things that happen in the past," he says. "I can see things happening now all over the world." But, this doesn't mean he won't be helpful in taking on the Night King — that is, if he isn't actually the Night King.

But, his ability to see into the past could lead to an answer on how he could fix the future. And now that The Wall's down, the answer couldn't come soon.


Tyrion Creeping on Dany & Jon Snow

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When Tyrion catches Jon Snow going to Dany's room he looks disappointed. The initial thought was that perhaps he has a crush on the Khaleesi, and that his look is one of heartbreak. But a Redditor named @dogstardied thinks there is a more important reason for that look.

"Tyrion is worried about who will rule Westeros after Daenerys." The Reddit user wrote that Tyrion "mentioned succession and seemed to see Daenerys's supposed infertility as an opportunity to truly break the wheel of monarchy and institute some kind of democracy in Westeros." But, if Daenerys has a child, "she may easily fall back to the concept of birthright, believing her family could never grow corrupt under the right advisement."

But, Tyrion might now want to lend a helping hand to Dany and her future heir. Could this lead Tyrion to sell out the one person he believed could change the throne for the better?

These subtle moments in Season 7 might have been easy to miss, and here's hoping that some (or all) of these questions will be answered before the series finale, which by most accounts may leave leave everyone in tears.