16 Harry Potter Socks That Just Scream "Dobby Is A Free Elf"

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Do you remember the days when receiving a gift of socks used to be, at best, a silly holiday joke? Or, at worst, a complete and total disappointment that you had to pretend to love, to spare Great Aunt Barbara’s feelings? (JK, love you Auntie Babs.) Whether it’s a side effect of growing older, or the fact that socks are just oh-so-much-cooler than they were when I was a kid — at least from what I can remember — the days of lame-ish, utilitarian sock-gifts are definitely over. In fact, socks have become one of my go-to gifts and stocking stuffers, and they’re always, ALWAYS a hit.

As far as socks for the book lovers in your life go, you definitely can’t beat Harry Potter-themed footwear. And you also won’t be hard pressed to find Harry Potter socks for the most stylish of Potterheads. From Gryffindors to Hufflepuffs, Hedwig fans to Dobby lovers, the Quidditch obsessed and the Hermione wannabes, when it comes to Harry Potter socks there is something for everyone.

Want the perfect stockings to stuff your stockings with this year? Look no further than these 16 Harry Potter socks. Just try not to keep them all for yourself, okay?

Books Turn Muggles Into Wizards Socks

Glasses & Lightning Bolt Socks

Hedwig Letter Socks

Ron Weasley Sweater Socks

12 Days Of Socks

Gryffindor House Socks

Hufflepuff House Socks

Hogwarts Crest Socks

Dobby Christmas Socks

Gryffindor Casual Crew Socks

Hogwarts House Mascot Socks

Mischief Managed Socks

Slytherin House Socks

Fred And George Sweater Socks

Ravenclaw House Socks

Hogwarts Symbol Socks