16 People Share The ONE Way They'll Date Differently In 2018

by Kaitlyn Vagner

The New Year is a time of new beginnings and hope for a brighter future. Traditionally, we make resolutions to change our behaviors and mindset so that we can work towards cultivating the best version of ourselves. For many, the New Year is a source of inspiration. If you're single and looking, it's the perfect time to reflect on your dating life and resolve to make changes.

Recently, I made a conscious effort to become involved in psychotherapy therapy so that I could become more self-aware of my destructive relationship patterns. This reflection helped me understand that in all of my relationships, I become too emotionally attached to my partners and too invested in my relationships. I become so attached to my partners and afraid of losing them that I stay in relationships where I am being mistreated. I am recognizing that at this point in my life, I should not take my relationships so seriously that I put my partner's needs above my own. My happiness should not depend on the state of my relationships. In 2018, I resolve to become more independent and content with being single. I resolve to rely on myself for my own happiness, rather than relying on a relationship to fulfill my emotional needs.

So what are the New Year's resolutions that others are making this year? I asked 16 people about what changes they want to make to their dating lives. Here's what they said, so you can use it as inspiration too.


Spencer, 25

"I want to have more compassion for the people I date."


Nadie, 28

"I want to work on being more available and not letting work get in the way of my dating life."


Tara, 22

"To really put myself out there and go to singles' mixers."


Kelsey, 28

"To stop using dating apps."


Bernice, 28

"To date people outside of my usual type."


Troy, 28

"To go on more blind dates."


Kyla, 28

"To date for fun — not to find a relationship."


Tracy, 22

"To feel happy about being single."


Ariel, 28

"To not let people play games with me anymore."


Raquelle, 28

"To stop getting involved with men who just want sex."


Alyssa, 29

"To take more risks."


Vanessa, 28

"To be honest about what I want."


Michaela, 28

"To stop obsessing if a guy doesn't text me back right away. To relax and let things be."


Kelsey, 26

"To stop searching for love and let it come to me."


Amanda, 22

"To stop chasing guys who aren't into me."


Georgina, 25

"To not bail on dates anymore."

As you can see, we all have different dating goals for the New Year based off our experiences and what we're looking for. Take time to reflect on your dating life and set one small goal for yourself that'll help bring you closer to what you want from your love life in 2018.