'90s Kids Can Never Throw These Things Away

by Megan Grant

It's tough to get over the '90s. It's only been 17 years since our favorite decade ended, and many of us are not quite ready to let go. We're a loyal bunch, and there are a number of things '90s kids can never throw away, as they represent the last grasp you had on that amazing time in your life — when Hey Arnold! marathons ruled all, and you'd sneak out of the house wearing the crop top your mom wouldn't allow to meet up with your friends at the mall. Life was less complicated those days: We didn't document our lives on social media (we didn't document anything on social media, because it hardly existed) and no one cared about contouring or big lips.

There's a reason '90s nostalgia has such a big following; it's because it was a time of rapid advancement in technology (pagers what what!), the most bomb after-school snacks ever, and toys that — let's be honest — we'd play with as adults. In fact, maybe you do.

And so, packed away in a beat up cardboard box, shoved in a tiny closet somewhere in your home, and undoubtedly collecting dust, you've likely held on to at least one of these classic '90s memories.


Your Original Tamagotchi

It doesn't matter that the batteries have been dead, literally, for decades. Once you become a parent, there's no going back. (And hey, if you're in Japan, you can even become a new parent all over again, thanks to the original Tamagotchi's re-release!)


Your Half Of The BFF Necklace You And Your BFF Shared

You can't even remember her name, and she may or may not have left the state. Cute necklace, though!


Your Awkward Slinky

It got all tangled and has been nothing but a knotted mess for the last 20 years, but you're totally going to get around to untangling it one day. For sure.


Your Dried Out Milky Pens

Well, what if they start working again one day??


Your Pogs

On the list you affectionately refer to as The Most Useless Toys Of The '90s, this one is at number three, right below Beanie Babies and the aforementioned Tamagotchi. But, IDK, maybe your kids will like them one day.


Your Stretched Out Tattoo Choker

Just in case, ya know, it eventually shrinks back to its original size.


Every Art Project You Ever Did

There was a popsicle stick house, and the Thanksgiving turkey painting you made with your own handprint and a bunch of feathers. You like to show them off to your friends and make them jealous of your skillz.


Your Boy Band CDs

No one needs to know that you have no way of playing them.


Your First Flip Phone

It might be a fossil, but it reminds you of the good ol' days, when blue eyeshadow was in and light-up shoes were hip.


The Jewelry You Kept From 'Pretty Pretty Princess'

All that's left are the tiara and one ring; but gosh darnit, you love putting them on and strutting around the room.


'The Land Before Time' On VHS

That film was pivotal to your youth. You can't just throw it away.


Definitely NOT Your Furby

Just kidding. It's sitting in the back of your closet.



It doesn't work anymore, but that's OK, because that game gave you major anxiety.


Your Collection Of Koosh Balls

They started smelling funny around 10 years ago, but you so love the way they squish in your hands.


Some Of Your Beanie Babies

You're just waiting for the right time to sell them so you can get rich. It's OK — we'll spare you the details about how they're probably worth... nothing.


A Random Collection Of Fast Food Toys

If you close your eyes and pretend really hard, you can almost smell fresh French fries...