These '90s Trends That Were Totally Overrated

by Megan Grant
Columbia Pictures

There are countless things that I would bring back from the '90s if I could — Polly Pockets, Rugrats, and every single one of my Barbie dolls, to name a few — but there are also some '90s trends that were totally overrated. Not a lot. But there were some. We definitely thought these things were so totally cool and happening at the time; looking back on them now, however, I'm all, "What the heck?"! Of course everything is going to look dated and cheesy when you reexamine it all a few decades later — but there are some trends whose popularity I simply can't, for the life of me, explain. Certain toys, TV shows, games, movies... what were we thinking?! How did these things ever gain any steam?

I spend quite a bit of time remembering the '90s, and I do look back on them fondly. I will always remain loyal to the decade where I spent most of my childhood, playing with my toys and watching my favorite cartoons. Even when it was bad, it was good; I don't hate these trends so much as I love to hate them. Regardless, though, if I had the chance to bring them back, I'd probably let them rest peacefully in the '90s.

1. Clueless The TV Show

I get what they were trying to do here; I admittedly used to watch this show, mainly because I was waiting on the edge of my seat for the moment when it would become as good as the movie. I'm still waiting, though.

(In their defense, they had big shoes to fill. That movie was epic. But still.)

2. Mall Madness

Way to encourage irresponsible spending habits and credit card debt, people!

3. Popcorn Shirts

I wish I could forget these. It was such a bizarre illusion — a doll size shirt stretching enough to fit a small human? Weird.

4. Spice World

Let me be clear: I was a huge Spice Girls fan. My mom took me to their concert and I almost peed myself out of excitement. But Spice World — as much as it pains me to say this — was a bit much. You can't blame them, though. They took a wildly successful girl group and tried to market the crap out of them.

5. Sonic The Hedgehog

I think this game was more about Sega pushing us to within an inch of our sanity, because this game was so freaking hard.

6. Leotards

I get that this was the thing, but no. The sides would ride up your hips, they gave the worst wedgies, and why the hell would you want to make it so difficult to go pee? You have to get completely naked every time nature calls. No, thank you.

7. Baby Alive

This doll isn't the only thing that concerns me. The theme song scares me, too. You can make Baby Alive's food, feed her, and then she makes a mess in her diaper. Gender stereotyping at its finest! I can't believe how much I loved this doll. It's embarrassing.

8. Super Mario Bros. The Movie

Of course you're going to try to capitalize on one of the most popular video games of all time. Even Bob Hoskins (Mario) admitted it was the worst thing he had ever done. "The whole experience was a nightmare." Yikes!

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