16 Things To Buy Right Now To Stay Ahead Of The Game In 2019

Courtesy of Sellers

New year, new me. Or in my case, new year, and maybe I'll finally learn the right way to contour. Whatever your resolutions may be, we all have goals for the new year. If you're looking to be an improved version of yourself once the clock strikes midnight on January 1, here are 16 items that'll inspire you to be better in 2019.

It's easy to feel motivated at the start of a fresh year. It's maintaining that motivation that's a pain in the keister. The same thing happens every year. You're on top of your game the first couple weeks of January. You've kicked that bad habit, written in your journal four days a week, or fit in your morning meditation each day. But it never fails: February 1 hits, you miss a single day, and then you think, "Ugh. Whatever. I guess I'll start again fresh next year."

"New year, new me" turns into, "New year, pretty much the same me."

We're only human. It's no easy task to stay on top of your goals when you have a job, a family, school, and all of life's many other responsibilities to manage day in and day out.

If you need a little push to get you through 365 days of a better you, these 16 products should help.