16 Things To Buy Right Now To Stay Ahead Of The Game In 2019

Courtesy of Sellers

New year, new me. Or in my case, new year, and maybe I'll finally learn the right way to contour. Whatever your resolutions may be, we all have goals for the new year. If you're looking to be an improved version of yourself once the clock strikes midnight on January 1, here are 16 items that'll inspire you to be better in 2019.

It's easy to feel motivated at the start of a fresh year. It's maintaining that motivation that's a pain in the keister. The same thing happens every year. You're on top of your game the first couple weeks of January. You've kicked that bad habit, written in your journal four days a week, or fit in your morning meditation each day. But it never fails: February 1 hits, you miss a single day, and then you think, "Ugh. Whatever. I guess I'll start again fresh next year."

"New year, new me" turns into, "New year, pretty much the same me."

We're only human. It's no easy task to stay on top of your goals when you have a job, a family, school, and all of life's many other responsibilities to manage day in and day out.


If you need a little push to get you through 365 days of a better you, these 16 products should help.

1Success Nutrition Label Wall Art

Canvas Wall Art


In case you ever forget what goes into success, this clever nutrition label will remind you. Get it from IKONICKArt on Etsy.

2Goal-Setting Sheets

Goal Planner


These goal-setting sheets from IndigoPrintables on Etsy will help you map out your biggest goals for the year and all the steps you'll need to take to accomplish them.

3Productivity Notepad

The Pad of Productivity


This colorful and inspirational notepad will encourage you to keep going even when you're feeling a little overwhelmed. KatieAbeyDesign sells them on Etsy. Can we talk about the pig?

4Goal Digger Planner Dashboard

Planner Dashboard


This gorgeously gold planner dashboard from JeePapeterieShop on Etsy will help you stay focused on the goal at hand. Each time you open your planner, you'll get a reminder.

5Inspirational Candle

You've Got This Candle


If you ever start to think you can't do it, this candle will politely correct you. Buy yours from LindsayLucasCandles on Etsy.

6Bullet Journal Printouts

Bullet Journal Starter Kit Printable


Bullet journals are great, but the upfront work can be overwhelming. MyLifeMyPlans on Etsy has done the work for you, so you can dive right in.

7Positivity Keychain

She Believed She Could Handstamped Keychain


In 2019, carry a little motivation with you wherever you go, with this encouraging keychain. Buy one from Etsy seller simplestamp.

8Goal-Tracking Workbook

Goal Setting Workbook


This workbook from Etsy seller FindingBalanceCo helps you track different kinds of goals as well as reflect back on the progress you've made.

9Desk Calendar

2019 Desk Calendar With Wooden Easel Stand


This desk calendar will keep you motivated on the daily with inspirational quotes to help you reach your 2019 goals. Get yours from ErinAndElizabethCo on Etsy.

10Wall Decal

Goal Setting - Decision To Start Wall Decals Quotes


Decorate the walls of your office, bedroom, or kitchen with this uplifting quote decal. Shop with Etsy seller HappyWallzArt.

11Phone Case

Inspirational Quote iPhone Case


We all spend a ton of time on our phones — might as well make them part of our goals for 2019! Buy one of these motivational phone cases from Etsy seller SassAndWanderlust.

12Witty Mug

Motivational Mug


This mug from thesweetestdigsco on Etsy sums it up nicely. Each day should look the same: Wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat.

13Pillow Case

Dream Gifts - Dream Pillow Case


Before you lay your head down at night, get a gentle reminder to stay on top of your goals and dreams. Buy one of these pillow cases from AmendableMugs on Etsy.

14Water Bottle

AQUANEÜ 34oz Inspirational & Motivational Fitness Workout Sports Water Bottle


Drink your water and focus on your goals. That's what this water bottle will remind you of.

15Shower Curtain

Motivational 2in1 Shower Curtain


How about an extra dose of motivation every time you hop in the shower? Yes please!

16Vision Board

Dream Board - Vision Board


If you can visualize it, you can make it your reality. Get one of these personalized cork vision boards from WalleeDesignCo on Etsy.