16 TV Shows Turning 10 In 2018, Proving That Time Really Does Fly

It's almost a new year, so you know what that means: realizing that some of your favorite things have hit a milestone age — and maybe so have you. There are quite a few TV shows that will be 10 in 2018, which will may send you into an existential crisis of wondering how fast time flies, and what the hell you've been doing for the past 10 years. In all likelihood, one of the things that you've definitely been doing is watching many of these shows. Some of which, thankfully, aired for at least half of that decade. It's also nice to note that some of these shows are so good that you've probably been returning to them time and again, happily oblivious of how old they actually are.

And that's the good shows that are on this list. There are also a few that are memorable for different reasons, maintaining a notorious, cult status ever since. But just because they don't count as prestige TV like some of these other shows do, doesn't mean they aren't watchable in their own right. They may be trashy, sure, but they're also beloved for that very reason. And regardless, it's still surprising to discover that they're hitting the 10-year mark in 2018. So buckle up for a trip down memory lane, folks.