16 V-Day Gifts That Help Resist Trump's Presidency

This year, why not kill two (love)birds with one stone finding Valentine's Day gifts to resist Donald Trump's presidency? Because yes, love is in the air, but so is some fierce, all-American resistance — and nothing pairs quite as well as those two feelings. The good news, this Valentine's Day, you certainly don't have to prioritize one over the other. It's all too easy to make a gesture this February 14 that will really stick it where it will hurt Trump's agenda most, by supporting the very causes that are helping people affected by his policies and fighting back against them every day.

No need to limit these gifts just to your main bae, because Valentine's Day is a day of love for all. Snag one of these gifts for your bestie, for your coworkers, for your chill sib or your mom or the teacher you're still in touch with from high school. Not only will they be touched that you thought of them on this day of ~love~, but they'll be pumped when they discover that the proceeds from their gift went to the organizations that need it the most in 2017. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Resist Ring

Resist Ring, $26, Etsy

This subtle, understated ring makes a powerful statement, and also donates 10 percent of its proceeds to the ACLU.

The Future Is Female Bracelet

Bird + Stone

The Future Is Female Bracelet, $38, Bird + Stone

This collaboration between Planned Parenthood and Bird + Stone makes a powerful statement, and $5 of the proceeds from each one sold will go to Planned Parenthood.

Rainbow Cozy


Rainbow Cozy, $10, Etsy

Not only will everyone in the Starbucks line be mad jealous of your Valentine's swag, but they will feel even cozier knowing that 50 percent of the proceeds went to the HRC.

Make America Gay Again Hat

Make America Gay Again Hat, $26, HRC

The HRC's clever response to Donald Trump's slogan is definitely a double-take gift worth giving your valentine this year.

Nasty Woman Bracelet


Nasty Woman Bracelet, $16, Etsy

For all the nasty women in your life, this makes the perfect chic accessory, while also donating $4 to Planned Parenthood in their name.

ACLU Relief Print


ACLU Relief Print, $20, Etsy

This framed, handmade art print makes a perfect addition to anyone's home, and $10 of the proceeds benefit the ACLU.

Dissident Trees


Dissident Trees, $35, Etsy

These little fur babies aren't happy with Trump's views about global warming, and are a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the environmentalist in your life — $10 from each sale goes to the National Parks Foundation.

She Should Run T-Shirt

The Outrage

She Should Run T-Shirt, $32, The Outrage

A reminder to your Galentines that they are fierce as hell — plus, 100 percent of the profits goes to the organization She Should Run.

Equality Keychain


Equality Keychain, $12, Etsy

Your Valentine will never lose their keys — or perspective on what they are fighting for — again! Twenty percent of the proceeds go to the HRC.

Nasty AF Totebag


Nasty AF Totebag, $15, Etsy

Now your valentine can shop ~in style~, knowing 50 percent of the proceeds went to the ACLU.

Lady Liberty T-Shirt

Click Here To Shop Y7 Studio

Zosia Mamet partnered with Y7 Studio for this distinctive shirt, which quotes the poem on from the Statue of Liberty on the back. All proceeds go to the ACLU.

Rainbow Block Mug


Rainbow Block Mug, $19, HRC

Support the HRC directly through their shop, which offers everything from t-shirts to jewelry to homeware like these groovy mugs.

We The People Pin


We The People Pin, $6, Etsy

This pin is perfect for any kind of Valentine, and the best part is that a dollar of each sale goes to the ACLU.

I Believe In Science Sweatshirt

The Outrage

I Believe In Science Sweatshirt, $52, The Outrage

This comfy little number is perfect for Valentine's Day snuggles, and donates 15 percent of the profits to

Nasty Women Unite Mug

The Outrage

Nasty Women Unite Mug, $22, The Outrage

Might as well buy two of them so you can cheers during V-Day brunch — plus, all the profits go to Planned Parenthood.

Make A Recurring Monthly Donation In Their Name

You and your valentine already know you're going the distance — so give them the gift that keeps on giving, and make a monthly recurring donation in their name to one of the many organizations helping resist Donald Trump's agenda. Here's a list to get you started.