17 Items Any Self-Professed "Neat Freak" Will Find Super Satisfying

Courtesy of Brands

You know what my favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is? Organize the mug cabinet so all the handles are facing in the same direction. Sometimes, things get out of control and I end up taking everything out of the pantry just so I can put it all back in again, but nicer. And if you see me whip out the label maker? It's getting real. If this sounds like heaven on earth to you, these 17 items for any self-professed "neat freak" will speak to the side of you who can't wait to stay in tonight to reorder the clothes in your closet by color, style, and season.

There's something so satisfying about a well-organized home... and office, and car. Some people call us controlling or high-maintenance, but we think it's perfectly natural to spend an hour each week alphabetizing the cleaning products under your kitchen sink. It's not like we take it to an extreme level. It's not like I categorize my cleaning products and store them in separate plastic containers so they don't get dirty.

Why? Who have you been talking to?

If you insist on living a life of order, you need to check out these 17 items.

1Crafting Cabinet

Akro-Mils 10144 D 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Hardware and Craft Cabinet, Black


Picture all your sequins, beads, and stickers so neatly put away in their little cubby holes. It's almost too good to be true. I almost want to buy more crafting supplies just so I have an excuse to buy this cabinet and fill the whole thing up.

2Cord Holders

Generic SUNOAD New 6 pcs Design Smart Wire Cable Drop Clip Line Fixer Organizer Holder


I know I seem calm on the outside, but I'll Hulk out in a heartbeat if I see messy, tangled cords. Who can live like this? These cord wranglers are a must for any neat freak. I'll take 40 of them, please.

3Desk Organizer

AmazonBasics Mesh Desk Organizer


You guys, it has its own tiny drawer. Note the tiny drawer! Do you have a desk? I bet it could use some organizing. This will go perfectly with your neon Post-Its.

4Battery Organizer

Range Kleen Battery Organizer Storage Case by Holds 82 Batteries Various Sizes WKT4162 Removable Battery Tester


The world has been haunted by myths of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and battery organizers. I'm here to confirm all three are real, but let's just talk about the battery organizer for now. I bet you never knew you needed this. You do. You do.

5Mop And Broom Holder

Home-It Mop and Broom Holder, 5 position with 6 hooks garage storage Holds up to 11 Tools,


My whole life, I've only seen this in my dreams, and now, here it is: a practical way to store my selection of mops, brooms, and dry and wet Swiffers. What did we do to deserve this?

6Travel Make-Up Case

Travel Makeup Case, Samtour-Professional Cosmetic Makeup Bag Organizer, Accessories Case, Tools Case


Can you even imagine throwing all of your favorite drugstore make-up into one travel bag? The horror. This one will neatly organize it, the way the universe intended for make-up to be organized whilst traveling. Everything makes sense in the world now.

7Can Rack

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome


I know, I know. How did you — the ultimate neat freak — get this far in life without a rack designated *specifically* for cans? I don't know how you survived either.

8Mirrored Jewelry Compartment

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror 2 Drawers


I'm feeling emotional right now. This is a jewelry organizer AND a cabinet AND a mirror AND it has its own lighting system. Pinch me!

9Stackable Refrigerator Storage Bins

Greenco 6 Piece Refrigerator and Freezer Stackable Storage Organizer Bins with Handles


Do you have a refrigerator of chaos? Salad dressing bottles everywhere, tangerines mixed in the same drawer with eggs? This is not okay.

10Panty Separators

SimpleHouseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set


How did these people know I've been looking for a way to organize my skivvies? Wouldn't it feel *amazing* to have a way of separating the g-strings from the granny panties? I think we've got a real winner on our hands, people.

11Pan Organizer

Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack


If I could marry this, I would. What neat freak doesn't dread the sloppy drawer or cabinet where all of the pans are stacked in complete disarray? And then when you go to remove one, everything clangs together and your ears bleed. Not good.

12Over-The-Cabinet Holder

SimpleHouseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder


Don't your cutting boards deserve their own nice, cozy, little home to go to whenever you're done chopping vegetables or dicing up a fresh fruit bowl? I think yes.

13Make-Up Or Jewelry Organizer

Felicite Home Acrylic Jewelry and Cosmetic Storage Boxes Makeup Organizer Set


I'm going to lay awake tonight thinking about all the things I'm going to do with this organizer.

14Hanging Closet Organizer

Simple Houseware 5 Shelves Hanging Closet Organizer


I'm seriously digging the side compartment for the shoes. Nothing tickles my pickle like finding a way to store dirty shoes somewhere other than the clean carpeting.

15Trunk Cargo Net

Durable Foldable Cargo Net Storage


This is ideal for the essentials — like tools, paper towel, and flashlights — and probably *perfect* for road trips. But I'm also thinking of putting my groceries in there instead of chucking them in the trunk. My soul shrivels a little any time I take a hard left turn and hear everything rolling around back there.

16Charging Station

Hercules Tuff Charging Station | Iphones & Ipads Dock or Stand | Cables included


Stop charging your devices all over the house, and keep them all at your charging station. My life is complete.


YouCopia Chef's Edition SpiceStack 30-Bottle Spice Organizer with Universal Drawers


This isn't your average, ordinary spice rack. These are actually drawers. Let that sink in. Do you know the things you could do with your label maker? The possibilities are endless.