17 Items Any Self-Professed "Neat Freak" Will Find Super Satisfying

by Megan Grant
Courtesy of Brands

You know what my favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is? Organize the mug cabinet so all the handles are facing in the same direction. Sometimes, things get out of control and I end up taking everything out of the pantry just so I can put it all back in again, but nicer. And if you see me whip out the label maker? It's getting real. If this sounds like heaven on earth to you, these 17 items for any self-professed "neat freak" will speak to the side of you who can't wait to stay in tonight to reorder the clothes in your closet by color, style, and season.

There's something so satisfying about a well-organized home... and office, and car. Some people call us controlling or high-maintenance, but we think it's perfectly natural to spend an hour each week alphabetizing the cleaning products under your kitchen sink. It's not like we take it to an extreme level. It's not like I categorize my cleaning products and store them in separate plastic containers so they don't get dirty.

Why? Who have you been talking to?

If you insist on living a life of order, you need to check out these 17 items.