17 Paris Geller Quotes From 'Gilmore Girls' To Motivate You On A Lazy Day


While Netflix is silent about whether or not there will be more episodes of Gilmore Girls, the series continues to provide inspiration aplenty. Marathon watching is always an option when you need a fix of Stars Hollow to make you feel better, but motivational quotes from Paris Geller will also do the trick. As one of the most highly-strung characters on Gilmore Girls, Paris never seems to have trouble being productive and achieving all of her goals before breakfast. And, be honest, even the most motivated among us could use a little Paris Geller pep from time to time.

Liza Weil's amazing performance as Rory Gilmore's bestie made the character a regular scene-stealer on the show. And in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, Paris is more awesome than ever, particularly since her sense of style is completely on fleek now. It seems as though Paris only gets wiser as she ages, although there are some quotes from the high school version of our favorite girl that are scary enough to motivate anyone. So, if you're having a lazy day, look no further than this list of quotes to get you moving. And get out of bed before Paris comes for you.

1. When Every Day's A Struggle

Seriously, again?

2. When You're Bad With A Calendar

Nothing's more terrifying than a schedule created by Paris Geller.

3. When You Still Can't Get Out Of Bed

Believe in yourself, Paris-style.

4. When Reinvention Feels Impossible

Everyone deserves a second chance. Even you can make that happen.

5. When You Can't Stop Looking At Your Phone

Live every moment. Put the screen down.

6. When You're Struggling To Care

Persist, resist, stay vigilant.

7. When You Have A Major Deadline

Work like Paris is watching.

8. When Revenge Is Bad, But A Great Motivator

Sure, you want to be fueled by positivity, but sometimes the only motivation that works is revenge. Just ask Paris.

9. When Being Your Own Champion Is The Only Option

Believe in yourself, at all times.

10. When You Need To Stop Making Excuses

Another. Day.

11. When You Need The Ultimate Motivator


12. When You Need a Reminder Of How Great You Are

You're a strong independent woman. You've got this.

13. When Standing Still Isn't An Option

Get moving. Right now.

14. When You Just Want To Go Home & Eat Cookies

Failure is not an option.

15. When You Realize Self-Awareness Is Key

Understanding yourself is the first hurdle. If you know what your weaknesses are, you can learn to combat them.

16. When You Need A Helpful Reminder To Treat Yourself Right

Replace Rory's name with your own, and say this Paris quote into a mirror.

17. When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Paris not only offers us words of wisdom, but killer moves too.

If there's one Gilmore Girls character who can motivate anyone, it's Paris Geller. So go out into the world, and be more like her.