17 Personalized Gifts For Mother's Day


Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12, which means it's time to treat Mom to something special. Flowers are nice. Chocolate is sweet. But if you really want to go the extra mile, these 17 personalized gifts for Mother's Day 2019 are the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate her. And then you can keep the chocolate for yourself. Win-win.

Shopping for your own mother isn't always easy, because what gift can come close to expressing just how much you love her? It's tough to thank someone for raising you, teaching you about the most important things in life, humiliating you in elementary school when she accidentally blurted out that you were still wetting the bed...

It's hard — nay, impossible — to thank someone for helping turn you into the person you are today. And, I mean, look at you. You're pretty fabulous. Clearly, she did something right.

While no words, no gifts can fully express our gratitude for our moms — and even though we should really be celebrating mothers every day of the year — these 17 personalized presents, all available on Etsy, might just do the trick. Here are some ideas of what to give the mother (or mother figure!) in your life for the upcoming holiday.