17 Pore Strip Videos To Watch In Shock & Awe

by James Hale

It's 3 a.m. I can't sleep. Instead of turning off my phone and trying, like, meditation or something normal, I bring up YouTube and inevitably find myself on the other end of a wormhole, having watched dozens of gross yet wonderful pore strip removal videos.

Sometimes, I feel like part of a secret club. As a lonely bisexual in a Catholic high school, I used to joke with my internet friends that there should be some kind of secret signal to suss one another out in public. Admittedly, I now feel that way about videos like Dr. Pimple Popper's. Sometimes you have no idea who your fellow popthusiasts are until, for example, your editor comes to you and asks you to cover a viral video, and then you both realize you get a similar terrible joy from the almightly pop.

On a slightly more serious note, these vids are great for me because I have trichotillomania, a disorder that makes me, in times of anxiety or boredom, tug at my hair. The feeling I get when I pull out a hair with a follicle still attached is the same feeling vids like the ones below give me: pure, stress-relieving satisfaction. Watching them means lessening my urge to pull.

No matter your reason for (eagerly or reluctantly) loving popping videos, there's something for you in this collection of my favorite pore strip removal vids. Check them out below.

1. The Virgin

Paired with soothing classical music, this vid is one of my go-to picks because, well, you'll see.

2. So, So Many

This vid isn't as much of a close-up as some of the others, but there is seriously just so much stuff that comes off on this strip, I'm not even bothered.

3. Best Nose Ever

Yessssssss. Another virgin nose. The uploader says this "subject" is 45 years old and has never had his nose peeled. Which means complete and utter delight for us.

4. But Wait, There's More

Yup — same guy, new strip. Still so many blackheads, whiteheads, and sebaceous filaments.

5. Super Close Up

If the regular pore strip vids aren't enough for you, and you'd prefer for yours to look like something out of Tremors, these are the vids for you. They are ridiculously close up and high-def, offering a look at some thick, gooey filaments as they're tugged free of their pores.

6. Closer.....

This uploader's channel is seriously a goldmine.

7. Short But Satisfying

This video may only be 25 seconds long, but those 25 seconds are packed with so many uniformly spaced filaments and blackheads that it's just as wonderful as the longer vids.

8. DIY Solutions

This is a sticky Q-tip — a solution for people who can't get pore strips to stay in place, or who only have a couple problem areas. It's basically a magic wand for us popthusiasts, which can get into all the nooks and crannies around the blackhead-laden nose and fish out the best filaments for our enjoyment.

9. Can Never Have Enough Close-Ups

Something about KeanaTankentai's videos is just so relaxing. Like all is right with the world so long as I'm watching pores being cleaned out.

10. Double Delight

Not only does this vid have great charcoal mask removal action, but it follows the mask with some excellent shots of a comedone extractor tool in use.

11. He's Back

This is the guy from videos No. 3 and 4, back this time with a charcoal Biore strip which shows everything, and I do mean everything, that comes out in this round.

12. What's Better Than Nose Strips?

Nose and chin strips. Since the nose is the top spot for blackheads, whiteheads, and other blemishes to take root, we almost always see strips used on noses — but this video includes a rare chin strip gem.

13. "Epically Disgusting"

The bolt of glee that went through me when I saw the uploader had titled this vid "#EpicallyDisgusting" was a little scary. But this video really is epically disgusting...and epically beautiful.

14. Don't Be Cheeky

Nose, chin, and now cheeks. And to top that off, this video also includes a comedone extractor.

15. All Strip

If you're less into watching blackheads and filaments coming out of the skin and more into seeing what's left afterward, this is your video. There's some brief removal, but this one is alllll about the strip.

16. Extra Extractions

Don't get me wrong, this one has some A+ shots of a strip being removed, but the highlight of this vid for me is what comes after: The many, many manual extractions with a comedone extractor.

17. Super Slow-Mo

Slow-motion with close-ups of the best bits. There's nothing better than that.

If this list left you feeling like the YouTube commenter on one of these vids who said, "I really need to get a life," well, rest assured: This is your life now. Embrace it. Enjoy it.