17 Movies To Watch With Dad When Mom “Runs To The Store”

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Everyone's been in this situation. You're home for the holidays, hanging out with the fam and just about to settle down for the evening with a movie in the den. Suddenly, your mom decides she needs to "run to the store real quick," leaving you in the potentially uncomfortable position of watching a movie with your dad. There's a veritable minefield out there of films that, when watched with your dad, could prove disastrous. You certainly don't want anything with explicit sex scenes; that's way too awkward. Nor do you want anything controversial that could ignite a political argument; that could ruin your evening real fast. You also want to try and find something that you'll both actually enjoy watching, which depending on your tastes, could prove extremely difficult. So where do you start?

Now, it goes without saying that not all dads are the same. Maybe your dad is really into art house films and you exclusively watch Todd Phillips movies — no judgement here. But many dads are into action movies, historical dramas, and broad comedies, so that's what this list is built around. Below, you'll find a list of 18 movies that are currently streaming which should appeal to both you and your old man — without causing any trouble in your household.


'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'

Everybody loves Indiana Jones, and the whole trilogy (plus that fourth one that shall remain nameless) is currently streaming on Netflix, so why not start with the original?

On Netflix.



Comedy and action together? Plus a Bill Murray cameo? With the added bonus of a cast full of Oscar-winners and nominees? Sign you and your dad up!

On Netflix.


'Monty Python & The Holy Grail'

One of the funniest movies of all time may be turning 45 in 2020, but it still holds up marvelously, and its timeless comedy should easily bridge the generational divide between you and your dad.

On Netflix.


'The King'

A battle-filled historical drama that also happens to star one of the hottest names in Hollywood at the moment in Timothée Chalamet. Something for everyone!

On Netflix.


'The Irishman'

This is the movie everyone is talking about, so you'll need to see it in order to keep up with the conversation on Twitter. As far as your dad is concerned, just show him the cast list and director and he'll immediately hop on board. Be warned, though, this movie is looong, so your mom will have to be embarking on a full-on shopping mission for this selection to work.

On Netflix.


'Murder On The Orient Express'

The original version of this caper is considered an all-time classic, and you and your old man should have some fun trying to solve its central mystery together.

On Amazon Prime.


'The Spy Who Dumped Me'

Your dad should appreciate that it's an action-comedy about spies, while you may enjoy the intense likability of leads Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis.

On Amazon Prime.


'Mission Impossible: Fallout'

No, you don't need to have seen any other Mission: Impossible movies to enjoy this movie. The action set pieces and stunts are some of the best ever put to film, and you and your dad should equally enjoy watching Tom Cruise risk his life for your entertainment.

On Amazon Prime.


'Creed II'

Your dad gets a boxing movie with Rocky in it, and you get Michael B. Jordan training montages. Win-win.

On Amazon Prime & Hulu.


'Big Fish'

At its core, this supremely entertaining fantasy from Tim Burton is a movie about a father's relationship with his child. Your pops may even shed a tear before it's over.

On Hulu.


'Free Solo'

You and your dad will be on the edges of your respective seats while watching this nail-biting documentary about rock climber Alex Honnold.

On Hulu & Disney+.


'Star Wars'

Any Star Wars movie makes for easy entertainment, so just pick one and your dad will totally be game. Just don't pick any of the prequels, please.

On Disney+.


'Thor: Ragnarok'

Any Marvel movie will do, but for pure entertainment value, this may be your best bet. The story is easy to follow, the laughs are plentiful, and the action is spectacular. Plus, your dad will probably appreciate the film's double-dose of Led Zeppelin.

On Disney+.


'The Incredibles'

A full-length animated film might be a hard-sell to your dad, but The Incredibles' story about a superhero family coming together will probably close the deal.

On Disney+.


'National Treasure'

Raiders of the Lost Ark it is not, but this goofy adventure starring Nic Cage should still prove fun enough for your dad, while also giving you a warm dose of nostalgia.

On Netflix.


'The Jungle Book'

It's a timeless tale wrapped in breathtaking technology that will leave both you and your father humming "The Bare Necessities."

On Disney+.


'Bad Times At The El Royale'

A stylish whodunit with a cast full of all-stars ought to be able to hold the attention of both you and your dad, though it is admittedly the most risqué title on this list.



'First Man'

Ryan Gosling stars in this biopic about Neil Armstrong. It's a must-watch if you're a fan of Gosling's work — just be prepared for your dad to regale you with tales of where he was during the moon landing back in '69.


With this list at your disposal, you may find that watching movies with your dad can be pretty fun. Hey, maybe mom should run to the store more often!

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