The Best Things That Lisa Vanderpump Owns

by Kristie Rohwedder
Charles Sykes/Bravo

The first time I saw Villa Rosa, I thought, this is my dream house. I gotta say, the epiphany caught me off guard; I didn’t know my ideal aesthetic involved mirrored surfaces, blush pink throw pillows, and cloud white couches. I’d always assumed it was more along the lines of a “whatever looks like Ace Rothstein’s house but is easy to keep clean and/or can handle some spillage from time to time” vibe. Turns out, I would die for just about everything Lisa Vanderpump owns. The Bravolebrity's stunner of a home is about as aspirational as it gets, and I can't get enough.

Before I was introduced to the glass castle that is Villa Rosa, I recoiled at the thought of all white seating. What happens when you wear dark blue jeans? I’d wonder, Would the couch be marked forever by my feral denim? But then, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her gorgeous crystal music box of an abode came into my life. And now I am obsessed with the stain-magnet white couches. I am a changed person. Such is the power of Vanderpump.

My favorite of LVP’s possessions? I will not pick just one. I cannot pick just one. However, I can pick several. And picking several is precisely what I shall do.

1. This Swimming Gown

This is the peak of Mount Glamour.

2. This Closet

I recently polled every closet on the planet, and here’s what I learned: Every closet wishes it was LVP’s closet.

3. The Pink Le Creuset Kitchenware

You know what? This one seems relatively attainable. If and when I ever take the Le Creuset plunge, I will channel my inner LVP and buy all pink cookware.

4. This Pink Luggage

I recently bought a suitcase. It is not pink. I am full of regret.

5. This Giggy Pocket Square

What a perfect accessory.

6. This Bathroom Fireplace Setup

It’s the picture of Vanderpump and Ken Todd that really ties the room together.

7. Whatever That Fish Thing Is

I need it. (Here's a clearer pic. Go ahead and really drink it in.)

8. This Dining Throne

May your fellow diners never forget who is queen.

9. This Desk Situation

What a work station.

10. These Shams

Why isn’t my bedding bedazzled? It's such a sham (sorry).

11. This Moat For Her Guard Swans

What an elegant security system.

12. This Goblet of Soaps

A soap dish? Please. A soap dish will not cut the mustard. A soap goblet is the way to fly.

13. This Bathtub Chandelier

I'm not a bath person. But you know what might change that? A chandelier.

14. This Bench

But only if it looks out over all of Beverly Hills. Obviously.

15. This Bejeweled Pig Figurine

Yes, yes, that mammoth vial of perfume is something else, but I cannot stop staring at that sparkly swine in the bottom righthand corner.

16. This SUR Car

This Sexy Unique Vehicle is the ultimate SUV.

17. And Finally, The White Couches

Fare thee well, dark denim jeans. White couches are my one true love.