17 TV Shows That Need To Be Brought Back ASAP

There's nothing better than finding out one of your favorite television shows is making a comeback. And now that the news of a rumored Jersey Shore reunion has finally been confirmed in the form of a docu-series, everybody can relax a bit and count down the days until the cast is GTL-ing all over again. The crew from the hit MTV show, including Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, is returning for an episode of E!'s upcoming Reunion Road Trip. Who even knows what kinds of crazy things will happen when the cast reunites? But besides Jersey Shore, there are a number of other TV shows that definitely deserve to make a comeback too.

Television just isn't the same anymore. Sometimes it feels like the only shows that provide viewers with a bit of real entertainment either feature a Kardashian or some sort of dating competition, like The Bachelorette.

After hearing of Jersey Shore's brief return and spending an absurd amount of hours fist-pumping and shouting "Cabs are here!" at the top of your lungs, you'll likely realize we deserve even more television comebacks than just Jersey Shore. If you're not convinced, check out the suggestions below and let the reminiscing begin.


'I Bet You Will'

It’s always fun to watch people to do crazy things for even crazier amounts of money. That's part of the reason why I Bet You Will was such a classic.


'NYC Prep'

If Gossip Girl and Laguna Beach met and birthed a love child, that child would be named NYC Prep. The short-lived reality series aired for one season on Bravo and followed a group of New York City high school students, most of which attended some of the most elite private schools in Manhattan. As ridiculous as it was to watch rich teenaers do normal things like going to dinner parties and charity events, you can’t deny how entertaining it was.


'Room Raiders'

OK, so in retrospect, Room Raiders was definitely a staged reality show. (To be fair, what reality show isn’t staged?) But in an age where dating shows were beginning to rise in popularity, the series — which showed men and women choosing potential dating partners based on what they found lurking in their bedrooms — actually managed to completely differentiate itself from everything else.



Don’t trust anyone who tells you that they didn’t watch Daria growing up. Similarly, don’t trust anyone who didn’t instantly fall in love with her sarcastic and cynical demeanor. With her equally badass best friend Jane Lane by her side, Daria shared some pretty important life lessons that are still relevant today.


'Double Dare'

Nickelodeon arguably had some of the best game shows to ever air on television, and Double Dare was one of them. The show was hosted by Marc Summers, and usually featured two teams who would compete against each other in crazy obstacle courses and answering trivia questions for various prizes.


'Nickelodeon GUTS'

Raise your hand if all you ever wanted as a kid was to take a shot at racing up the Aggro Crag. GUTS normally featured three teenagers who would compete against each other in various athletic challenges.



Made: Making unattainable high school dreams come true, one student at a time. Each episode of the MTV reality show took a teen with a dream of being “made” into anything from a pageant queen to a cheerleader, and documented the entire process.



O’Grady was probably one of the most underrated shows to ever air on The N (or what’s now known as TeenNick). It was about a group of high school students living in a fictional town constantly plagued by “The Weirdness.”


'All That'

For the young souls who never had the pleasure of watching All That, it was a sketch comedy series (think SNL for pre-teens) that blessed us with comedians like Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and Amanda Bynes.



KaBlam! was a spinoff of All That, as it was an animated sketch comedy series that aired on Nickelodeon for four seasons.


'The Surreal Life'

A bunch of huge egos living under one roof? TV gold. The Surreal Life was a VH1 reality show that brought together a group of celebrities who have since stepped out of the spotlight to live among each other in a mansion.


'Bug Juice'

Think of Bug Juice as the prepubescent, younger sibling of The Real World. The show ran on Disney Channel for three seasons and documented the lives of various kids attending summer camp.


'Making The Band'

Remember that time Diddy made a group of aspiring music artists walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to fetch him a slice of cheesecake? Iconic. Making the Band, better known as the show that created Danity Kane, was brought back in four different iterations from 2000 to 2009, and focused on the Bad Boy founder scouring the country to create three different hip-hop and R&B supergroups.



It’s really hard to pinpoint why it was so entertaining to watch people injuring themselves as they performed seriously dangerous (and idiotic) stunts on camera — it just was.


'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'

Anyone who tells you that Are You Afraid of the Dark? wasn't scary probably didn't actually watch Are You Afraid of the Dark? The show was a little corny when you really think about it, but that doesn't mean it didn't leave you sleeping with your lights on.


'Courage The Cowardly Dog'

Courage the Cowardly Dog is probably the only cartoon that's ever managed to give you nightmares. It was a really dark series that revolved around a dog who was pretty much afraid of everything.



Wouldn't it be nice to just end any bad date simply by saying, "Next?" NEXT was just as brutal of a dating show as it was classic.

Seriously, after Jersey Shore is taken care of, someone needs to reboot all of the above ASAP.