The 'Jersey Shore' Reunion Will Be A Docu-Series

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As if you weren't excited enough by the prospect, it turns out that the Jersey Shore reunion will be a docu-series coming to E! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reunion itself will be the pilot episode for Reunion Road Trip, and the Jersey Shore cast will return to catch up with each other and take the audience on a trip down memory lane with them.

The update comes just in the nick of time, as Jersey Shore's recent Burger King commercial left fans with a ton of unanswered questions. The E! docu-series will help to fill in those gaps, letting fans tag along as the cast revisits its favorite hangouts, give updates on everyone's current and, hopefully, more responsible lives, and will share a bit of background about some behind-the-scenes moments that were never aired.

But it doesn't just stop with the New Jerseyans. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that, though unscripted, E! plans to add casts from both unscripted and scripted shows to the line up. The project is very much so still in the pre-production phase, so no other casts have officially signed on as of now. But that doesn't stop inquiring minds from rattling off all of the random possibilities — like, E!'s The Girls Next Door and The Simple Life, and even scripted cult-classics like Glee, Gossip Girl, and 90210's new and old generations.

Opening the series with an episode dedicated to "The Shore" is a great move, however. From 2009 to 2012, the housemates gave the world an inside look into their summer shenanigans — shaping the way people view New Jersey's nightlife scene, for better or worse, and leaving plenty of iconic catchphrases behind. Sure, social media is a great tool to keep tabs on your favorite celebs, Jersey Shore cast mates included. But the group being able to own their narrative by giving first-hand accounts of breakups, friendship fallouts, and any other cast controversies is the ultimate come-up. After all, no one can tell their stories better than they can.

An airdate for Jersey Shore's reunion episode has yet to be announced. But here's to hoping it makes its way to television sooner than later.