17 Valentine's Day Movies On Netflix Right Now

Gravitas Ventures

Valentine's Day, the holiday you either love or love to hate, is just around the corner. And, contrary to many people's desires, the holiday is coming whether you're in a romantic relationship or not. For some (i.e. single people), Valentine's Day can be an awful reminder of what you don't have. And that is why I prefer to spend my holiday taking a break from the real world and diving head-first into the world of film. And if you also want to escape the realities of Feb. 14, but still want to celebrate the holiday, here are 17 Valentine's Day movies to watch on Netflix right now that will get you in the mood.

Valentine's Day isn't always all about the romance, especially for those who choose to celebrate the lesser-known, but equally awesome holiday of Galentine's Day instead. However, when it comes to Valentine's Day movies, it is very much all about the romance. Be it a story of true love, a fairy tale, a romantic comedy, or a sci-fi drama, Valentine's Day movies all have one thing in common: they make you believe in true love. So, buckle in, grab some wine and get ready to believe in love again with these 17 Valentine's Day movies to watch on Netflix.

'The Princess Bride'

The most classic of Valentine's Day movies, The Princess Bride will teach you the most important thing about true love: quirky, and lethal, sidekicks.

'Man Up'

Lake Bell and Simon Pegg star in this slightly wacky romcom about a stolen blind date.


A slightly different kind of fairy tale, Penelope has a little bit of magic, a whole lot of charm, and a very sweet love story.

'In Your Eyes'

A romance with a dash of science fiction, In Your Eyes will have you believing in fate, or, at the very least, wishing you did.

'Moonrise Kingdom'

Because no love is more pure than a first love.

'Under The Tuscan Sun'

Under the Tuscan Sun has some pretty harsh love lessons in it, so don't go into this one looking specifically for a whirlwind romance.

'The Wedding Planner'

The Wedding Planner is pretty much everything you want in a romantic comedy, M&M's nonsense aside.

'Kate & Leopold'

Kate & Leopold is a great romantic movie for anyone who loves period films, but also likes the classic culture clash romcom plot.

'Everything Before Us'

Wong Fu Productions' first feature film, Everything Before Us, takes a look at love through a dystopian lens.


Here's what you can find in Sam Esmail's Comet: parallel universes, true love, and plenty of Mr. Robot-approved cinematography.

'Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong'

Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong is kind of like Before Sunrise, but set in China and with a modern update.


Do you believe in soul mates? And, if you did, would you want to be able to know if and when you were going to meet them? Answer those questions, watch Timer, and then rethink everything.

'I Hate Valentine's Day'

My Big Fat Greek Wedding's Nia Vardalos and John Corbett reunite in Vardalos' romantic comedy about a woman who doesn't believe in love. You can guess what happens next.

'One Day'

Warning: only watch this movie if you aren't afraid of slightly unhappy endings.

'Bridget Jones's Diary'

Feel better about your own mess of a love life by watching Bridget Jones's Diary.

'Save The Last Dance'

Save the Last Dance is the most iconic early 2000s dance movie. Fight me.

'Leap Year'

Leap Year is about a woman (Amy Adams) who travels to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day and finds herself falling for Matthew Goode instead. It's the kind of movie one can only watch on Valentine's Day, so you don't want to miss it.

Don't forget to snack on some heart-shaped chocolate during your viewings to really get the Valentine's Day experience.