17 Women On The Sex Toy That Changed Their Life


No longer some piece of plastic you get from a shady store off the highway, sex toys are now a $15 billion industry, according to Forbes. Not only are sex toys pleasurable, but a study by The Kinsey Institute found that women who use sex toys regularly have better sex lives, stronger orgasms, and are more likely to stay on top of their sexual health than women who don't use them.

"As a sex therapist, I am a pretty big fan of anything that can bring more orgasms into the world. Vibrators can be purchased easily and cheaply, and can reliably produce orgasm for the vast majority of women," sex therapist Vanessa Marin wrote for Bustle.

Despite having tried easily hundreds of vibrators, there are a handful of sex toys that are among my favorites. But the one that sticks out as having changed my life will always be the Babeland Silver Bullet. It's pretty much the toy that helped me truly embrace my sexuality and really learn how to orgasm, how to control my orgasm, as well as a greater understanding of my body.

Because for many women there will always be that one sex toy that was a total game-changer, I asked 17 women what sex toy changed their life.  Here's what they had to tell me.  

1Talia, 28


We-Vibe Tango, $79, Babeland

2Zebra, 39

3Alyssa, 26

4Megan, 30

Doc Johnson

Pocket Rocket, $42.30, Doc Johnson

5Sara, 44


Hitachi Magic Wand, $59.85, Babeland

6Dara, 38


Wet® Silk™ Luxury Lubricant, $8.50, Buywet.com

7Carol, 59, Staff Sexologist At Good Vibrations

Hitachi Magic Wand, $59.85, Babeland

8Lori, 34

9Khloe, 28

Pure Romance

Blind Date 3-Speed Dual Action Vibrator, $59, Pure Romance

10Carolyn, 31

Hitachi Magic Wand, $59.85, Babeland

11Maureen, 35


"The WaterSlyde changed my life because before using it I would become desensitized by high powered vibrators. I now enjoy the gently yet powerful flow of water from the Slyde and then I'm ready to be with my husband."

WaterSlyde, $24.95, WaterSlyde

12Tracy, 49

Hitachi Magic Wand, $59.85, Babeland

13Crystal, 49


The Womanizer Plus, $219, Babeland

14Sarah, 33


Doxy Wand, $139, Babeland

15Meg, 31

Hitachi Magic Wand, $59.85, Babeland

16Kate, 27


7 Functions Wonder Bullet, $12.13, Amazon

17Tiffany, 43


LELO Soraya, $219, LELO

I think if this were some sort of competition, the Hitachi Magic Wand would win. But since it's not a competition, it's clear to see you never forget the vibrator that changed your life. Sort of like how you never forget your first love — no matter how hard you try.