The Toys That Have Strengthened My Climaxes

Before I started writing about sex and relationships, I had a very small collection of sex toys; two to be exact. One was the Babeland Silver Bullet that I got for free when I showed them my "I voted" sticker back in November 2008 and the other was this ugly blue penis-looking vibrator that I had bought when I was in college. That thing was my first sex toy, and although my mind was blown by just how fast I reached an orgasm with it, I was never one to feel like I needed a whole bunch of toys. Honestly, I still don't.

Then in 2010, I got my first assignment to cover a blow job class at Babeland for an article. Little did I know at that time that writing about sex wouldn't just become my "beat", but it would also become something for which I'd have a deep passion. Not just because I love sex, but because, in being extremely sex-positive, I firmly believe it's a topic we should never shy away from and it's a conversation we should all be having. Whether that discussion is about sexual health, contraception, sexual satisfaction, reproductive rights, or the latest results of a sex study, I feel, from the bottom of my heart, it's important.

Which brings us to now; I'm seven years older and, maybe, five years wiser. After years of writing about sex and trying easily, oh maybe 100 toys (perhaps, more?), I can tell you exactly what toys have strengthened my orgasms and, after all this time, remain my favorites.


Babeland Silver Bullet

Babeland Silver Bullet, $15, Babeland

My love for Babeland's Silver Bullet will last until the end of time. To this day, it remains one of my most favorite when it comes to giving me some really, really intense orgasms. Although I don't recommend using it during sex with another person, I think it's the perfect complement to masturbation or mutual masturbation with a partner. It's called the "silver bullet" for a reason; it delivers like whoa.


Ooh Cock Ring

Je Joue Ooh Cock Ring + Ooh Motor, $70, Amazon

Back in November I wrote about my very first vaginal orgasm. (Actually, my only vaginal orgasm to date.) Despite having written about vaginal orgasms, because I had never had one, I was skeptical of their existence. I mean, they don't call vaginal orgasms mythical for nothing, after all.

But thanks to the Ooh Cock Ring from Je Joue’s “mix, match, and play” collection, I taken to a place I never knew possible. I experienced a deep orgasm, one that, like all orgasms, was an all-over body feeling, but in a completely different way. If I were a poet, I'd be able to come up with something to perfectly describe the sensation of this insanely fantastic vaginal orgasm, but since I'm not, I'll just say it was awesome AF. I actually had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't scream out a marriage proposal to my partner as I climaxed.




Vibease, $119, Vibease

As someone who's turned on more by words than visuals, like porn, when I got my hands on a Vibease, I was immediately intrigued. Vibease syncs with audiobooks — erotic audiobooks — and when you have your headphones on, with that super hot voice whispering in your ear (there are many super hot voices to choose from FYI), it definitely takes any regular orgasm (which is always amazing to begin with) to a whole new level. After the first time, I was addicted — and since it was a snowy Saturday, I may have played with Vibease for quite a bit of time.


Womanizer Deluxe

Womanizer Deluxe, $159, Amazon

When I first sat down with the sales rep for The Womanizer, I was immediately put off by the name. Obviously, "womanizers" don't exactly have the best reputation and the feminist in me was almost offended — something that I talked about with the rep. Then she explained that the inventors were German and, naturally, the word "womanizer" didn't have the same connotation there, as it does here. Once we got that out of the way and finished our coffee, I went home to give it a whirl.

Although it typically takes a woman about 20 minutes to become aroused, if I'm masturbating, I can usually get there in under 10. But with The Womanizer, I broke my own personal record: I had an orgasm in four minutes. Not just that, but it was a very intense orgasm, thanks to the compressed air that's stimulating your clitoris instead of a vibration. It actually feels a bit like getting really good oral from a partner who knows exactly what they're doing.

When I first tried The Womanizer back in Fall of 2015, it was still new to the market. But ever since then, The Womanizer has been studied extensively and is now being used to treat women who suffer from orgasm difficulty. It's definitely something to consider if you struggle to climax.


Ooh Mini Butt Plug

Je Joue Ooh Mini Butt Plug, $15, Amazon

I'm no stranger to anal play. But it's also something I don't engage in with just anyone, nor is it regularly on the menu for me. You know, it's gotta be a special dude.

So when I got the Je Joue butt plug, also part of their “mix, match, and play” collection, I showed it to my partner, smiled, and asked, "What should we do with this?" He reached for the lube, and voila! Butt plug in the butt! I wore it for pretty much the duration of our romp, from him going down on me, me going down on him, some other fun X-rated stuff, then eventually intercourse.

Having tried butt plugs in the past, I was always a bit "meh," about them. But this one was different. For starters, it vibrated and has a few levels and variations from which to choose. Secondly, the size and shape was ideal for my body. It was like the Ooh Mini Butt Plug and I were meant to be! Because of this perfect fit, the orgasms that I would normally experience with my partner were stronger thanks to the combined pressure of the butt plug and my partner's magical skills.

Although I've yet to experience an anal orgasm, this particular toy and the effect it had on me, definitely put anal play on the menu far more than it ever was before — much to my partner's delight.



Eva, $105, Amazon

I was skeptical about the hands-free aspect of Eva. I mean, could a vibrator stay in place just because two little flexible wings were tucked under my labia? Short answer: Yes.

Although Eva is fun if you're masturbating, I think it works best with someone else, as it is technically a couples sex toy. As someone who usually has to be on top to orgasm, if I'm not using outside assistance, Eva gave me the opportunity to experience orgasms in other positions. When my partner and I had sex in doggy style, neither one of us had to worry about stimulating my clitoris, because Eva did all the work for us. And, honestly, the vibration as opposed to our fingers, combined with the G-spot stimulation of the position, made those orgasms so much better — not to knock my partner's magic fingers, of course.

Every body is different. Every clitoris needs different types of stimulation. Some people have a fear of anal play. While others don't get turned on by dirty talk and prefer porn to erotic audiobooks. That's just how it goes. Maybe you've yet to have the strongest orgasm of your life and maybe that orgasm is just right around the corner. It's all about exploring other ways to intensify your sexual satisfaction, and in many cases, the best way to do that is to introduce new toys into your life.