18 Thoughtful Mother’s Day 2018 Gifts You Can Buy At Target Right Now

Mother's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating exactly how awesome moms are. Maybe you're celebrating your own mother, a mother-like figure in your life, your friend who just became a new mom, or your grandmother... whatever the case, you probably want to get that person something really special to show them just how much you appreciate everything they do. You probably don't want to get a cliché Mother's Day gift — you know, a bouquet of flowers (nice, but ultimately non-functional), a gift card to the spa (also nice, but if you're me, you buy this every single year), or a candle that smells really good (just a little bit boring). If you're looking for something more unique, useful, and fun, you can't go wrong with Mother's Day gifts you can buy at Target.

I probably don't need to tell you that that's because Target has everything, whether you want to get a gift for your mom, a mom-to-be, or your friends who are mothers. In fact, there's such a huge selection that it can be overwhelming to find just one item — which is why I've put together a list for you. The below items make perfect Mother's Day gifts for anyone, and most of them are on the more inexpensive side, which is always a plus.

Honestly, all the mothers out there deserve a little present on Mother's Day (well, really, any day of the year). Check out the below list of Mother's Day gifts from Target and I think you'll find something for everyone on your list:

A Beauty Kit

Target Beauty Box Treat Yourself, $7, Target

It's hard to go wrong with a set of beauty products no matter who you're buying for, especially when they have a self-care feel to them. This kit includes sample sizes of a bath bomb, body butter, foaming bath salts, lip balm, cleanser, and more for the perfect night of relaxation no matter where she is. Plus, it's super affordable!

A Cute Mug

Clay Art Jumbo Porcelain Mug, $5.99, Target

If you just want to get something small, this mug is perfect — any mom will relate to it. If you want to add on, throw a Starbucks gift card in there.

Fujifilm Instax Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera, $69.99, Target

If you want to splurge a little bit, this Instax camera is awesome — it shoots Polaroids and looks very cool. This is great for a new mom, who wants to capture everything her kids do, but it would work for anyone.

Babyprints Photo Frame

Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame, $19.95, Target

This is the perfect Mother's Day gift for a new mom or a mom-to-be. Saving her child's handprint and footprint in this way is super special.

Mom Coloring Book

"This Annoying Life" Coloring Back, $11.29, Target

Moms need to de-stress, and this coloring book will do wonders — it's something she can do at home if she can't manage to get out.

Natura Oil Diffuser

Natura Oil Diffuser, $79.99, Target

A fragrance diffuser is a good gift to buy someone if you have no idea what they want. They have a purpose, but they also feel a little luxe at the same time.

Giant Wine Glass

Giant Wine Glass, $12, Target

This is for the mom who also loves a nice, big glass of wine once in a while... or every night. Either way. You can always add a bottle of wine to make this gift a little bigger.

I Run Everything Tank

Junk Food Woman's Wonder Woman Tank, $15, Target

Mothers are basically superheroes, right? Right. Get this for the mom who manages to get everything done without making it look hard.

No Sleep Eye Mask

Junk Food Wonder Woman No Sleep Eye Mask, $5, Target

This is a cute and small gift idea for a new mom — because we all know she's over-tired. This is great if you just want to get someone something little.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Mongolian Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $27.99, Target

I always think a cozy blanket makes for a great gift for someone. It's something a mom probably wouldn't randomly buy for herself, and it's just a nice thing for her to have.

White Letter Board

New View White Letter Board, $15.99, Target

Looking for a good gift for the mom who has a million things going on? This letter board is perfect. These look very cool and trendy as decor, but they can also be super functional as a way to send a message to everyone in the house.

Friendship Tickets

20ct Friendship Tickets, $6.99, Target

This is another cute small gift for a friend who just had a baby — or for any mom, really. She can cash them in with you whenever she needs a break. It's also a sneaky way to make sure you two hang out more often!

Striped Robe

Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Striped Robe, $39.99, Target

Almost everyone out there could use a new, cozy robe. This one is chic, not too heavy for the spring and summer weather, and still nice and soft. It's also a great price.

Breakfast In Bed Set

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Breakfast In Bed Set, $24.99, Target

When I was a kid, I always made my mom breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. You can offer a mother that same luxury with this set. Even better? If you present it to her while bringing her breakfast.

White Noise Machine

HoMedics Deep Sleep, $79.99, Target

It can be hard to get a lot of sleep as a mom, no matter how old your kids are — they're loud! This white noise machine is a great way to help her get some undisturbed rest.

Clay Mask

Fig + Yarrow Rose Rhassoul Clay Mask, $22.99, Target

Can't afford a gift card for a day at the spa? Get her the next best thing: this super hydrating clay mask that will leave her face looking and feeling amazing.

Over-sized Tote Bag

Hunter for Target Over-Sized Tote Bag, $35, Target

I don't think I know a mother who couldn't use another big tote bag in her life. This one is chic, simple, and a great price. Snap it up quickly, because the Hunter for Target line has been selling out!

Mango Bowl

Opalhouse Mango Wood Painted Bowl, $16.99, Target

Giving a mom a bowl as a gift might sound weird, but if she enjoys cooking or having people over for parties, she'll like it. This one is bright and colorful, and perfect for the spring and summer.