19 Accessories From Amazon Every Reader Needs To Add To Their Shopping Cart

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by Charlotte Ahlin

Really, all you need to be a book-lover is a good book and a place to read it. And a bookmark, for when you are inevitably interrupted halfway through a chapter. And a book tote, for when you need to lug those library books across town. And a customized personal library embosser, for when you lend your books out to your no-good, untrustworthy friends. I mean, sure, all these accessories aren't strictly necessary, but they are a lot of literary fun. So if you love books and you're looking for a way to express it, here are a whole mess of lovely, affordable book accessories that you can order from our benevolent overlords at Amazon.

These bookish accessories might seem minor, but they all have a pretty major impact on your reading life. A clip-able book light is a must-have for sleepovers and camping trips, after all. A handmade page-holder or a book stand is an absolute life saver when you're trying to read while taking notes. And where would you be without your library-themed socks? Add a little more book love to your life, or find the perfect gift for your favorite reader, all without stepping away from your computer screen:


A Nessie Bookmark

Is that everyone's favorite cryptid peeking out from the top of your favorite book? Why yes it is. This supremely cute bookmark will mark your place in impeccable, Loch Ness Monster style.


A Book Light

The book light is a standard must-have for any serious nighttime reader. But don't settle for some boring, ugly, functional book light when you can pick up a light that's both fun and functional on Amazon. This clip-able light tucks into itself for travel, and comes in multiple designs.


A Custom Library Embosser

Look. You love your books. And you love your friends. But if you lend a book to a friend, you want a guarantee that you will get that book back safely. This embosser will imprint your customized seal on every book you own, to remind everyone that this precious book came from your own personal library.


A Zipper Bookmark

Zip your books closed with these incredibly cute zipper bookmarks. They even come in packs of three, because Amazon understands that you can't just stick to reading one book at a time.


These Handy Bookends

Stop your books from piling up on the floor with these "stop hand" bookends. Are they cute? Yes. Are they slightly creepy? I'm not entirely sure, but I want them for all my bookshelves anyway.


These Library Card Socks

Keep your feet warm and literary with these classic library card socks, perfect for trips to your local library or reading at home under several cozy blankets.


This Nifty Page Holder

Struggling to read with one hand while holding your tea/wine/cat in the other? This handmade "personal book assistant" will keep your book open effortlessly, freeing up your other hand for important reading beverages.


A Personal Library Kit

If you want to take your personal library to the next level, complete with date stamps and library cards, this is the perfect, old school kit for you.


A Banned Book Tote Bag

Lug your books (and various other tote-sized objects) around town while celebrating your literary freedom. This banned book tote bag features banned titles on one side, and those same titles "redacted" on the other.


This Bamboo Bookrest

Rest your weary books on this stylish bookrest. This stand will hold any cookbooks, dictionaries, textbooks, or other weighty tomes that might be hard to read single-handedly.


This Sword Bookend

This sword will keep your books in check, while also looking supremely cool on your desk, bookshelf, or mantle. No books were harmed in the making of this bookend.


These Literary Quote Bracelets

Wear some of your favorite book quotes on your wrist with these literary quote bracelets, perfect for spicing up your bibliophile style.


This Old Book Candle

There's nothing better than getting a whiff of that old book smell. But if you don't have any dusty old volumes at hand, this "Old Books" scented candle will do the trick. Ideal for relaxing or setting the literary mood.


This 'Once Upon a Time' Necklace

This elegant little necklace will let everyone know that you wish you were reading instead of interacting with them. It's a tribute to fairy tales, or pretty much any other story that takes place long ago.


A Book-Themed Case for your eReader

Just because you have an e-reader, it doesn't mean you have to forego all those cool, leather-bound book covers. This Harry Potter inspired "spellbook" case will keep your kindle safe and spiffy, no matter what you're reading.


These 'Novel Teas'

What's a good book without the accompanying cup of tea? These tea bags come with individual, book-inspired tags, to add a little bookish flare to every cup of soothing English Breakfast Tea.


This Encyclopedia Phone Case

Your phone is essentially your go-to source for all knowledge. So why not style it like a real encyclopedia with this lovely, bookish case?


This 'First Lines Literature' Coffee Mug

With some books, it's love at first line. Celebrate the greatest first lines in all of literature with this mug. Ideal for coffee, tea, vodka, or the reading beverage of your choice.


These 'Chapter' Earrings

Perhaps the two most emotional phrases for any book-lover are "Chapter One" and "The End." Immortalize the start and end of pretty much every book you've ever loved with these stunning, antique-style earrings.