19 Authentic ’90s Products You Can Buy On Amazon RIGHT NOW

If you grew up in the '90s, consider yourself lucky — the decade was full of iconic products that we just can't seem to forget. From the glittery, colorful drugstore makeup to the toys that entertained us all for hours on end to the very unique fashion, the '90s were definitely a time to be alive. It's easy to look back on your time then and reminisce about the items of the past (personally, I still miss my collection of Pogs and Polly Pocket toys the most), and to feel like nothing can ever fill their shoes. And while there are plenty of copy-cat items around, it's always best to have the originals. Luckily, there are lots of '90s products you can buy on Amazon right this second.

There are always going to be some '90s products that you can only get on eBay for, like, hundreds of dollars. But there are also plenty of things you loved back then that are still around now, and you don't even need to pay that much for them! Who doesn't want to relive their childhood in some small way? Amazon even has a lot of the snacks you loved back then — but, as a fair warning, many of them are probably, uh, pretty stale. Instead, stock up on the other stuff you loved: accessories, games, books, maybe even some beauty products. Here are some '90s products you can still buy on Amazon today — get your wallet ready!

1. Surge Soda

Surge Citrus Flavored Soda, $29.97, Amazon

No other soda can really compare to this citrus flavored option, and it doesn't need to — Surge is available to buy in bulk on Amazon!

2. Bop It

Bop It, $89.95, Amazon

If you didn't play with a Bop It growing up, were you really a '90s kid? No, not really. The original is a total classic, and if you want to splurge, it's available.

3. Lisa Frank Stickers

Lisa Frank Over 600 Stickers, $6.04, Amazon

Who doesn't want to decorate their planners, laptops, or tablet cases with these colorful stickers?

4. Moon Shoes

Big Time Toys Moon Shoes, price varies, Amazon

Listen, if you can fit in these shoes, then you'll probably end up having a lot of fun with them!

5. Butterfly Clips

XIMA Butterfly Clips, $8.99, Amazon

Butterfly clips are the quintessential hair accessory from the '90s. Who says you can't still wear them now?

6. Silly Putty

Crayola Silly Putty, $8.84, Amazon

Silly Putty might not be the first product you think of when you think of the '90s, but once you get your hands on it, you'll remember how much you loved it.

7. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos, $27.38, Amazon

The best board games came out of the '90s, and Hungry Hungry Hippos was one of the most fun. Luckily, you can still play it if you want.

8. Inflatable Blow Up Chair

Inflatable Blow Up Chair, $13.95, Amazon

You didn't have a cool bedroom if you didn't have one of these back then. Why not get another just for fun?

9. Nikelodeon Gak

Nickelodeon Gak, price varies, Amazon

I did not realize how much I missed Gak until right this very moment... and now I need it.

10. Beanie Babies

TY Beanie Babies, $7.56, Amazon

Remember when we all thought that Beanie Babies would be worth something one day?

11. Bed Head Crimper

Bed Head Chrome Crimper, $39.95, Amazon

Crimped hair is making a comeback, so why not get the job done with one of the original crimpers?

12. Tattoo Choker

Tattoo Choker, $2.14, Amazon

These tattoo style chokers were back in style in 2016, so it's not a surprise that they're still available all over Amazon.

13. Slap Bracelets

Mega Pack Slap Bracelets, $8.99, Amazon

In case you wanted enough slap bracelets for all of your friends, you can now buy them.

14. Nintendo Gameboy Color

Nintendo Game Boy Color, $42.34, Amazon

Do they still make games for this? Or would you just have it to... look at? Either way, it's kind of cool to own.

15. Mr. Sketch Washable Scented Markers

Mr. Sketch Washable Scented Markers, $8.21, Amazon

Do you ever feel the urge to smell the things you write down? If so, you need to buy this throwback.

16. Steve Madden Slinky Platforms

Steve Madden Slinky Platforms, $39.37 - $69.97, Amazon

These sandals recently came back in a big way, and you can't pretend you don't want to buy a pair. They're so comfortable!

17. Stick-On Earrings

Elesa Miracle Stick On Earrings, $9.99, Amazon

You likely don't need stick-on earrings anymore, but they would definitely still be fun to play around with.

18. Goosebumps Books

Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Set, $16.92, Amazon

Take a break from your "adult" books and read some of the best YA of all time. No exaggeration.

19. Lock And Key Journal

Rockymart Lock and Key Journal, $18.63, Amazon

Why write online when you could hide all of your thoughts in this iconic journal?