19 Things On Etsy That Are Perfect For A 'Game Of Thrones' Wedding

Courtesy of Etsy

If your boo already bent the knee, then that must mean a wedding is in the near future. Are you a fan of dragons and epic battle scenes so gruesome that they keep you up at night? Then you're going to want these 19 Game Of Thrones wedding ideas from Etsy.

GoT has changed the way we do life. I decided that all I want for my birthday this year is a replica of Arya's sword. We all want to give ourselves ridiculously long names. (Megan, Queen of the Condo, Protector of the Kitchen, Mother of a Chihuahua.) And perhaps most importantly of all, GoT-inspired weddings are the new big thing — minus any bloodshed, poisoned cake, or getting your head crushed by The Mountain.

In fact, photographer Katherine Elena went right ahead with a Game of Thrones-inspired wedding photo shoot, the images from which were shared by BuzzFeed. I must say, I'm definitely considering a long, white blond wig for my as yet unplanned wedding that I'll hopefully have before I die.

If traditional weddings aren't quite your jam and you want to show some love for the greatest show of all time, these 19 Game of Thrones-inspired wedding ideas from Etsy are the way to go.