19 Harry Potter Tops & Tees That Are Comfier Than Hogwarts Robes

by E. Ce Miller

Whether you’re running a tad behind on your holiday shopping or are looking for just one more perfect gift for a special someone, there’s one thing you can count on: Harry Potter fans (aka: Potterheads) like nothing more than some totally magical Harry Potter merchandise. Totes, pins, scarves, socks, Harry Potter t-shirts by the dozen — it’s hard to go wrong when holiday gift hunting for a Potterhead. (Seriously, it’s true. Harry Potter fans are just about the easiest people to purchase gifts for. AND there’s practically NO END to the Harry Potter swag out there just waiting to stuff a stocking or sit under a tree.)

The caveat? With so much Harry Potter apparel to choose from, it’s hard for a gift giver to know where to begin. Unless you’re a Potterhead yourself, you might be baffled by questions of what Hogwarts House colors to be mindful of, why that circle inside a triangle keeps appearing on everything, and what, exactly, a Muggle is, anyway. (Is it a compliment? An insult? Would someone want to broadcast it on their t-shirt?)

To make things a little easier on you (you are kinda bordering on leaving your holiday shopping to the last minute here, after all) here are 19 Harry Potter tees and tops that any Potterhead will love to receive this holiday season.

1. “Books Turn Muggles into Wizards” T-Shirt

2. “Happiness Can Be Found…” Dumbledore Quote Tee

3. Hogwarts Crest T-Shirt

4. Dumbledore's Army T-Shirt

5. “When in Doubt, Go to the Library” Sweatshirt

6. Platform 9 ¾ T-Shirt

7. Gryffindor Quidditch Sweater

8. “Dobby Will Always Be There” T-Shirt

9. “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” Tee

10. Wands T-Shirt

11. Bellatrix Lestrange T-Shirt

12. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone” Tee

13. “Just A Wizard Girl…” Top

14. Elder Wand T-Shirt

15. House Crest Banners Hoodie

16. “Mischief Managed” T-Shirt

17. Harry Potter Glasses-Inspired Tee

18. Muggle T-Shirt

19. Harry Potter Love Tee