19 Hotel Employees Reveal The Things You Do That Annoy Them The Most

by Megan Grant
20th Century Fox; Reddit

Staying in a hotel isn't much different than staying at your Aunt Bertha's home as a guest. You have to follow somebody else's rules, or you're going to start ticking people off. Hotel etiquette makes fairly obviously the things hotel guests should never do — like, you know, urinate in a garbage receptacle or leave a used love glove under the pillow. Unfortunately, not everyone is respectful of Aunt Bertha — I mean, hotel workers. Now, we're hearing straight from the horse's mouth all the things guests should never do: past and present staff took to Reddit to vent their frustrations about all the strange encounters and experiences they have, and it. Gets. Ugly. And horrifying. And downright depressing.

We tend to think we can go a little wild when we're in a hotel, because it's not our own home, so honestly... who cares? I'll tell you who cares: the housekeeper who has to clean up your vomit because you decided it was the perfect weekend to try lemon drops for the first time.

True, when you're on vacation, you're supposed to relax and let loose a little — but not at the expense of other people. Hopefully you already know to steer clear of these 21 things — otherwise, prepare for some well-earned dirty looks from the staff on your way out.


Act Like You're Hotel Royalty

Listen here, pal. No one guest is any more important than another. You're all paying customers and everyone deserves some attention. Capiche?


Look Down On Any Of The Staff

This hurts my soul on so many levels, and is such a grim reflection of the people who equate other people's worth to the amount they earn at their jobs.


Think You Own The Place Just Because You Paid For A Room

... It's a hotel. What did you expect?


Hog The Luggage Carts

#Rude. The cart isn't yours. Return it like you're supposed to, please and thank you.


Complain About Everything You Can Think Of

Really, is it that big of a deal the bar soap in the bathroom was lemongrass instead of whispering orchid?


Answer The Door When You're Not Decent

This is a known and unfortunately still prevalent issue that hotel employees — particularly female hotel employees — deal with far too often, and are made to feel like they have very little discourse to fight.


Vandalize Stuff Like It's No Big Deal

First of all, if you wouldn't do it in your own home, why would you think it's okay to do it there? And more importantly, hotel rooms are rented, not owned — it's disrespectful both to staff and all the other guests. And, well, gross.


Lie When Something Bad Happens

We're human. We have little accidents here and there. If you cause a bit of damage to the room unintentionally, the hotel isn't going to have you arrested or call your mother to tell her what a disappointment you are. They're just going to fix it. No harm, no foul.


Let Your Children Run Amok

No, it's not someone else's place to tell you how to raise your children. But if your children are wildly misbehaving and causing danger to themselves or others, it's perfectly within reason the hotel staff intervenes.


Flip Out On The Valet Person

The architects didn't consult the valet people when they built the darn place, and you're far from the only person they're helping in a given night.


Assume The Staff Know You Personally

Dude, do you know how many people that bartender gets drunk each day? Too many to remember you. It's nothing personal.


Complain About The Room *You Chose*

I have no words for this one, y'all.


Spit Your Chew Where It's Not Welcome

Do housekeeping a solid and don't spit your chew into pop cans and leave 'em laying around, for the love of all that is holy.


Try To Manipulate The System

If you want more of the bells and whistles, you're going to have to pay for them.


Get Ticked About Travel Expenses

Here's a good rule of thumb for you: if you're going someplace touristy, expect it to cost more.


Brag About Knowing The Owner

So do a lot of people.


Flake Out On Your Reservation

Hey, life happens, and sometimes you can't make your reservation. That's when you pick up that square-shaped thing called a cell phone and let the hotel know you won't be there as planned.


Make Threats

TBH, wasting their vacation time going down that rabbit hole might be exactly what they deserve.


Complain Until You Get Freebies

So. Not. Cool. If you don't want to spend money, stay home.

Let this be a general reminder to everyone — staying in a hotel is based on mutual respect between guests and hotel staff. Hotel staff already have it hard enough, so the more gracious and understanding you can be as a guest, the better.