19 Things Anyone Who Wants A Rustic Wedding Will Want To Buy


Many of us might live in the city, but when it comes to our weddings, country is one of the hottest trends right now. All you have to do is skim the pages of Etsy and you'll find countless items for your rustic wedding, so you can enjoy all that the country has to offer, minus the bug bites and poison ivy.

Why are we so obsessed with rustic weddings? Cordially offers a couple of good explanations. For starters, the whole country vibe — that middle-of-nowhere, escape-from-reality, out-in-nature vibe — is incredibly intimate and special.

Furthermore, there's something about nature that's so perfectly imperfect, beautifully flawed. Like Hue Concept writes, there are no rules. It makes for a unique, one-of-a-kind, truly organic experience for the happy couple, since no two rustic weddings will look alike.

Rustic decor is even taking over the home landscape. As The Local Vault explains, it makes for an exceptionally cozy and warm environment — the ideal home.

Our obsession with rustic wedding decor probably goes a lot deeper than we realize, satisfying that inherent, deeply rooted need we have for comfort, nature, and security. It's psychological.

But when we're shopping for rustic decor online, our only thought is pretty much, "Wood things! Give me all the wood things!"

If you're planning a rustic wedding of your own, here are 19 pieces of decor you might like.