The 19 Best Secret Santa Presents For People You’ve Only Spoken To Like, Once

by Katie Mitchell

It’s that time of the year again, folks. With Chrismahanukwanzakah on the horizon, offices, classrooms, and sports teams across the country are preparing for Secret Santa gift exchanges. Nothing exposes how little you know about a person like having to buy a gift for them. Think about it: How much do you really know about Sheryl in accounting? Not much? That’s what I thought.

Even if you’re not besties with the person you randomly selected out of a hat, you can still get them a gift that they will appreciate. You can use the little you know about a person to make it look like you put in way more thought into their Secret Santa gift than you actually did. #LifeHacks.

Chances are, the way your co-worker acts around the office can give you some insight about their likes and dislikes. Use this gift guide to your advantage this holiday season and get them a gift that will make them go, “Awww! This is perfect! How did you know I wanted this?”

Ahead you'll find the best Secret Santa gift ideas based on the type of people in a typical office setting. All you have to do is browse the categorizes, determine which one best fits your Secret Santa match, and buy them the best gift anyone who shares a cubicle wall has ever given them.

The Refrigerator Raider

Compassion Gift Package, $20, Homeboy Industries

You notice that whenever someone brings food into the office, they’re always the first to grab a cookie or five. Order them some tasty treats from Homeboy Industries: They offer two-day shipping to anywhere in the United States, and they help the formerly incarcerated find employment.

The Coffee Lover

Velocity Medium Roast, $13, Central City Coffee

This person cannot function before having their coffee. You always wonder why they don’t drink it before they come to work, but, hey that’s none of your business. Order them a bag of coffee or a weekly subscription from Central City Coffee.

The Stressed Out Boss

Bath Tea, $15, Homeless Garden Project

Work can be stressful. Order your Secret Santa recipient bath tea from Homeless Garden Project to help them relax. Your gift will help provide job training for homeless folks.

The Fashionista

Celebrate Bracelet, $18, Women's Bean Project

Accessories truly make or break an outfit. Grab a bracelet or necklace from Women’s Bean Project. The Women's Bean Project provides employment opportunities to women who have been incarcerated.

The Notetaker

Repurposed Book Journal, $24, Made by DWC

You notice your co-worker always taking notes, but you seriously doubt it has anything to do with the weekly all-staff meeting. Get them one of these cute journals from Made by DWC.

The New Homeowner

James Baldwin Pillow, $39, Don't Sleep Interiors

You peeped that they were always looking at houses on during their lunch break, and they finally moved into their new pad. Buy them pillows from Don’t Sleep Interiors to make their home more homey.

The New Parent

Little Toader Broccoli Bites Teething Toy, $9, EcoBaby Gear

You honestly know more about their kid than them. Get the new parent something for their bundle of joy like this eco-friendly teething toy.

The Bookworm

Literary Candles, $16, Uncommon Goods

Every year someone gets them a Toni Morrison novel at the office Secret Santa. Surprise them with a literary candle they can enjoy while snuggling up to a good book.

The Baker

Personalized Rolling Pin, $24, AgnesWorld

This person is always bringing in something for the office to snack on. Show your appreciation with this personalized rolling pin. It’ll encourage them to bake even more, which is really gift to the entire office.

The Foodie

The Kitchenista’s Appetizer Handbook, $5, The Kitchenista Diaries

They always have the best left-overs from the swanky restaurant they went to last night. Get them The Kitchenista’s Appetizer Handbook so they can make their own Instagram-worthy dishes.

Office Best-Dressed

Black Lives Matter Pin Set, $26, Radical Dreams

Not even casual Fridays can stop them from out-dressing everyone in the office. Get them a lapel pin from Radical Dreams to complete their outfit.

The Lover of the Arts

Dogwood - Fine Art Print, $30, shadrieka

They suggested a museum for the quarterly staff outing. You secretly voted to go bowling. Make it up by buying them art to hang in their office.

The Traveler

Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask, $12, Amazon

They’re always jet-lagged after returning from the London office. Help them get some sleep on the plane with this sleep mask.

The Green Thumb

Garden in a Can, $24, Uncommon Goods

While your succulent has seen better days, their cubicle looks like a mini botanical garden. Add to their collection with this Garden in a Can set.

The Homebody

Women's Dearfoams Microfiber Terry Clog Slippers, $16, Kohl's

This is the person who's literally always WFH. Give them these slippers to make their lounging more comfortable.

The Side Hustler

Side-Hustle Academy, $3, Amazon

They clock into work everyday, but you know their real passion is their side hustle (and that's perfectly valid). Show your support with this book.

The Pet Parent

Pit Bull Mug, $20, Bark Shop

You’ve seen literally hundreds of pictures of their pet. A gift that will remind them of their furry friend is a pretty solid bet.

The Organizer

Wound Up Pencil Cup, $10, Nordstrom

Everything has its place on their desk. This cute pencil cup will add some glam to their workspace.

The Germaphobe

Dust Cloud Screen Cleaning Set, $18, Uncommon Goods

They have three types of hand sanitizer on their desk, and even more in their car. Get them this screen cleaning kit to keep their phone and laptop squeaky clean.

The holidays are time to connect with family, friends, and even co-workers. The right Secret Santa gift can turn a distant co-worker to a life-long friend. Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to you and yours.