19 September 2018 Indie Movies To Watch When You Need A Break From All The Blockbusters

Sometimes when people head to the theater, they want a big-budget, full surround-sound spectacle, all action and slick production with A-list star wattage shining right through the screen. But heading in to see a major studio release every time can get tiring, as there's typically the same look, the usual plot points visible a mile away, and only so many explosions one can see before they all blur together into white noise. If you're ready for something different, here are 19 indie movies out in September 2018 to watch in addition to all the blockbusters.

Just like adding salt to sweets or sugar to coffee, contrast and variety bring out the best of both worlds. You won't find too much high-budget action going on in this list, though Mandy's color-drenched tale of vengeance will satisfy even the staunchest fans of mayhem. Bel Canto could have easily been a Tom Cruise-style tense thriller, meanwhile, but instead of focusing on the guns and taking out villains, the blossoming relationships formed under dire circumstances come to the fore. Then there's animated head trip Perfect Blue, an older movie getting a re-release that's seemingly inspired both Darren Aronofsky and Christopher Nolan. And of course, independent cinema offers plenty of insightful documentaries, too. Enjoy!