19 Throwback Pics Of Andy Cohen That Will Make You Love Him Even More

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If I could trade lives with anyone in the world, it would be Andy Cohen. Not only is he together enough to have the coolest job in entire world, but he also has the ability to keep it real and laugh at himself as proven by the many amazing old photos he's posted of himself. Cohen has no qualms sharing pics with beyond-outdated hairstyles and clothing choices. He is always in on the joke and I love him for that. I'm so used to seeing him with perfectly coiffed hair and coordinated suits on Watch What Happens Live that I cannot help being entertained by Cohen's throwback photos.

From the adorable pics of baby Andy to the '80s hairstyles that give me life, there are so many great photos in the archives. Personally, I refrain from posting anything anything remotely unflattering (and with that said, I'm not posting too often), but I love how the Bravo star just doesn't care about looking silly.

From the super curly hair, to the shirtless pics, to the super famous celebrity friends who he has known forever, there are so many gems in the very extensive Andy Cohen photo archives.

1. Rocking The Curls

Little Andy was way too cute with his head full of curls.

2. Visiting Jim Morrison's Grave

According to Cohen's caption, he was only 20 years old when he posed for this photo at Jim Morrison's grave. Minus the change in hairstyle (and hopefully the cigarette), he looks pretty much the same these days.

3. Wearing Transition Glasses At His Bar Mitzvah

Look at young Andy coming into adulthood in this photo. I'm living for it.

4. Supporting Hillary Clinton

Cohen has been "with her" for a long time.

5. Enjoying A Happy Meal

I definitely relate to this photo. I, too, have looked at a McDonald's meal with an adoring stare.

6. Smiling For The High School Yearbook

I love this, but I just wish we got to see which quote Cohen chose to go along with his senior photo.

7. Helping Carrie Bradshaw Try On Shoes

Cohen's fans are well aware of his best friendship with Sarah Jessica Parker, but did you ever notice this cameo appearance on Sex and the City back in the day? It wasn't his only time either.

8. Making (Another) Appearance On SATC

I am very tempted to do an IMDb search and rewatch all of the Sex and the City episodes on which Cohen appeared.

9. Hanging With Dolly Parton

Am I the only one who feels like Cohen has the coolest celebrity friends?

10. Having A Mother/Son Moment

I live for it every time Mrs. Cohen stops by Watch What Happens Live, so obviously my heart is melting looking at this sweet photo.

11. Working The Long Hair

Bring this hairstyle back.

12. Smiling With Braces

Cohen looked so cute in this photo he posted from a school dance in 1983. From the braces to the matching collar shirt underneath a maroon sweater, I'm loving this pic.

13. Vacationing With The Fam

It looks like little Andy was having so much fun during the family vacation in Hilton Head.

14. Driving Around

How does he look so cute in every throwback? Thank god someone was snapping all these adorable pics.

15. Hanging With His Sister

We've seen Mr. and Mrs. Cohen on Watch What Happens Live plenty of times, but can we get Andy's sister, Emily, on the show, please?

16. Wearing A Speedo

From the speedo, to the chest hair, there is just too much greatness in this photo.

17. Adding Some Cuteness To The Family Photo

I just love the Cohen family. Not that I actually know any of them personally...

18. Riding A Bike

Ugh. What a cutie pie! Baby Andy was loving that bike back in the day.

19. Showing Off The Chest Hair

Where do I begin with this one? From the abundant chest hair to the long curls on his head, the king of Bravo looks like a totally different person.

As if I didn't love Cohen already, I adore him even more after looking at these old photos of him. Even in a black and white photo, it's so easy to see that larger than life personality that we all tune in to watch every night on TV.