20 People Share The Best Life Decisions They've Ever Made

If you had to rank the most important life choices you ever made, what would make it into your top ten? Some might cite a relationship or a career, while others might pick a living situation or discovering the perfect pair of vintage pumps. Today, the trending hashtag #MyBestEverDecision is offering Twitter users the opportunity to dish about their most beloved achievements, which range from seriously sweet to ridiculously silly.

They say you only regret the things you didn't try in life, not the things you did. This perspective might not always apply (certain drugs and certain sexual scenarios come to mind), but it's much easier to be wistful about the one that got away instead of the one you tried and realized was absolutely not for you. The same goes for careers, apartments, pets, and yes, even bangs. (Seriously, though, deciding to get fringe is not something you should take lightly.)

If you're ever in the dark about making a major life choice, remember to weigh the options, ask for help from those you trust, listen to your gut, and think: what would [insert your favorite celeb crush here] do?

Here are some of the best ever life decisions that Twitter users have made:

1. Relationship Decisions

2. Pet Decisions

3. Career Decisions

4. Health Decisions

5. Lifestyle Decisions