20 Wide Fit Shoes From Target That Are Under $35

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Let's get honest. Finding wide fit shoes is a beast, especially cute wide fit shoes. Thankfully, though, brands are finally realized that those with wide feet want trendy footwear, too. Now, Target's new wide fit shoes are here to get your feet looking as fly as your outfit for summer.

Target is now offering more wide fit shoe styles in sizes 5-12, and it's not just a few looks. The brand launched a massive 100 new wide fit shoes, and the best part is that you can shop them all right now. Plus, with Target being Target, there's yet another perk to the launch of the wider width styles: the prices. Almost every pair of wide width shoe available at Target is under $35. Yes, this is real life, and yes, you can go shopping as soon as you'd like.

Of course, hearing that Target has expanded the selection of its wider fit shoes shouldn't come as too much as a shock if you shop the brand often. It has made it a point to create inclusive clothing labels that extend to a 4X as well as incorporate dedicated plus size brands into its stores. Now, Target has moved to shoes.

Where should you start your shopping experience? Here are some of the best new wide fit shoes under $35.

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