2017 Oscars-Inspired Cocktails To Accompany Your Viewing Party

Why do you love movies? It could be the experience of immersing yourself in a world you've never lived, empathizing with the characters, and connecting to the emotional journey. Maybe you're an artist yourself, and you value the deep, cinematic quality in film. Maybe you consider yourself an Average Joe, interested in movies purely for entertainment. No matter in which category you fit, there's one or more reasons you enjoy sitting on the couch with popcorn in hand to indulge in two hours of a story untold.

If you love movies, chances are you also love the Oscars — after all, they name some of the biggest, most successful films to be made year after year. For 2017, on Feb. 26, Jimmy Kimmel will host the 89th Academy Awards and pave the way for the season's most notable faces in film.

For everyone watching at home (who is over 21, of course), there's no better way to remember some of the year's best films than by throwing a party, putting together some epic food, filling up your glass with a delicious cocktail, an lifting it up to cheers with your friends, and rooting for your favorites. So, in anticipation of the upcoming show, here are nine of the best Oscars-inspired cocktails to accompany your choice nominees for best picture.