These ABH Subculture Shade Dupes Are A Great Way To Create Your Own Version

Whenever makeup mogul Anastasia Soare and her daughter Norvina hit the beauty lab, it's a given that they're going to cook up something breathtaking. Breaking the internet as do all products from the brand, the highly anticipated Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette shook beauty lovers as soon as it made its debut. Created as the evening sister palette to ABH's daytime-friendly, best-seller, the Modern Renaissance palette, the Subculture shadows made for one of the biggest summer 2017 beauty launches.

As excited as fans were to get their hands on this newbie, all of the hype wasn't without its share of controversy. A bad batch that wasn't pressed hard enough led to ABH giving refunds to customers for Subculture palettes that were excessively dusty with fall out galore. Manufacturing errors may have led to negative reviews, but that didn't stop Subculture from being heralded as a unique must-have. With intense pigmentation and an incredible mashup of warm, cool, matte, duochrome, and metallic tones, it's truly in a lane of its own.

ABH may have struck gold with this set of grungy-glam shadows, but if mixed reviews keep you from biting the bait, there are plenty of dupes equally as praise-worthy.

Muted blues, peachy hues, and doses of sparkle made Subculture an instant hit. But these 21 singles from other popular eyeshadow brands are as close as it gets to the real thing, minus all of the hooplah.


Makeup Geek "Taboo"

Eyeshadow Pan, $6, Makeup Geek

A deep raisin purple that swatches slightly cooler, "Taboo" is pretty spot on for ABH's "Rowdy".


Colourpop "Paper Tiger"

Pressed Powder Shadow, $5, Colourpop

Super budget-friendly and ultra-glitzy, this golden Colourpop hue captures the regal essence of Subculture's "Edge".


MAC "Plumage"

Single Eye Shadow, $16, Nordstrom

If Subculture's cool tones caught your eye, this MAC dupe for "Untamed" deserves a place in your beauty arsenal.


Makeup Geek "Time Travel"

Eyeshadow Pan, $6, Makeup Geek

At first glance, Makeup Geek's "Time Travel" looks nothing like "Untamed", but swatches of the two are nearly identical.


Colourpop "Running Late"

Pressed Powder Shadow, $5, Colourpop

Keeping things peachy-keen, "Running Late" is a comparable shade to "New Wave".


Make Up For Ever "Sienna"

Artist Shadow Eyeshadow, $21, Sephora

Equally as peachy is Make Up For Ever's Artist Eyeshadow and Blush Powder in "Sienna", a burnt orange that can double as cheek color for the ultimate two-for-one.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Fudge

Eyeshadow Single, $12, Sephora

There's just no duping ABH's ever-popular "Fudge". Luckily, it's a shade found in the Subculture palette or alone in the brand's collection of single shadows.


Colourpop "Play By Play"

Pressed Powder Shadow, $5, Colourpop

Subculture's "Electric" is no match for "Play by Play", a champagne shimmer shade that could add glamour to any eye look.


Colourpop "I Owe You"

Pressed Powder Shadow, $5, Colourpop

This deep peach is practically twinning with ABH's "Roxy".


Makeup Geek "Poppy"

Eyeshadow Pan, $6, Makeup Geek

The same goes for this Makeup Geek single, a peachy-pink that can liven up any look.


Make Up For Ever "Petrol Blue"

Artist Shadow Eyeshadow, $21, Sephora

Its "Axis" with a satin finish, making this ABH dupe just as swoon-worthy.


Colourpop "Take The Lead"

Pressed Powder Shadow, $5, Colourpop

A dusty grey that looks flattering on all skin tones, this Colourpop single is just as appealing as Subculture's "Mercury".


Makeup Geek "Cherry Cola"

Eyeshadow Pan, $6, Makeup Geek

Don't let looks deceive you. There's no telling "Cherry Cola" and "All-Star" apart when swatched.


MAC "I'm Into It"

Single Eye Shadow, $16, Ulta

Yet another stunning burgundy, this MAC single will make for absolutely gorgeous fall makeup.


Colourpop "Board Shorts"

Pressed Powder Shadow, $5, Colourpop

Bronzed perfection, Colourpop's "Board Shorts" is the stuff glam eye looks are made of.


Makeup Geek "Legend"

Eyeshadow Pan, $10, Makeup Geek

Packing an ultra-metallic finish, this foiled shadow gives ABH's "Adorn" a run for its money.


Makeup Geek "High Tea"

Eyeshadow Pan, $6, Makeup Geek

"High Tea" has less of a matte finish, but it's still a dead ringer for "Destiny".


Make Up For Ever "Nude"

Artist Shadow Eyeshadow, $21, Sephora

Subculture's "Dawn" is definitely in competition with this MUFE single, a shade that's nearly the same.


MAC "Arena"

Single Eye Shadow, $16, MAC

Another soft nude, MAC's "Arena' is the ideal shade for neutral looks.


Make Up For Ever "Crystalline Mauve"

Artist Shadow Eyeshadow, $21, Sephora

A diamond shade with vivid color payoff, this MUFE dupe has major appeal.


Colourpop "Eye Candy"

Super Shock Shadow, $5, Colourpop

ABH's "Cube" has some real competition. This Super Shock Shadow is an icy lavender that dazzles just as much.


Although they aren't always easy to find, dupes surely come in clutch. When the Subculture palette just doesn't do it for you, know that there are loads of alternatives worth snagging, as these Colourpop, MUFE, and Makeup Geek singles prove.