21 Bizarre TMI Bathroom Products That Are Totally Genius

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Are you ever in awe of the gross stuff that our bodies do? Wait! It's not just you! What I mean is: everybody is gross! Basically, our bodies do a lot of unsavory things and it can be time consuming to take care of it all. But there are genius bathroom products out there that tackle all those flakes, oils, and questionable odors that come our way.

Now, this list will get into some TMI territory, but don't worry. You can get pimples on your butt, dry scalp, or breath from the depths of hell. It happens to me, it happens to everyone, so now's a perfect time to find out what solves bathroom problems best for you.

For example, did you know you can chew on a twig to get whiter teeth? I don't care how icky that may sound, that seems like a miracle product. There are toilet sprays, travel bidets, and butt wipes for days (I thought the rhyme might make bathroom talk a little more fun).

So, make your morning routine a little easier with some of these great bathroom products. And to be clear, you're not gross. With or without these products, your body is pretty amazing.

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