21 Hilarious Bathroom Products That Are Actually Genius

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If you move to a new place, you usually think about what stuff you need for your living room, closet, or kitchen, but the bathroom hardly gets a second thought — you don't normally try to deck out your place with genius bathroom products. And I can certainly assume you've never had the very important thought, "but what if the stuff in my bathroom was functional...and hilarious?"

Now, not keeping a stocked bathroom can lead to problems down the line. Have you ever tried to find a plunger in the middle of the night? I have! Spoiler Alert: it's not possible. So, give your bathroom a little upgrade with some things that seem pretty funny at first, but after you use them, you'll see why they're brilliant. There's a ton of products that go way beyond a boring toilet paper holder and towel rack. Did you know can get a gun to unclog your toilet? Yeah, it gives a whole new meaning to shooting the, uh, you know.

With a couple of tweaks, you can not only make the bathroom more practical, but also make it generally a nicer place. No matter how much you'd like to avoid it, everybody wracks up a good amount of potty time during their lifetime. Why not add a few hilarious things that make it a little more fun?

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