These 21 Leslie Knope GIFs Are The Waffle-Infused Pick Me Up You Need

There are some TV shows that fans return to over and over again, especially when they're feeling down. Parks and Recreation is definitely one of those shows, and that's thanks in large part to the one and only Leslie Knope. If you ever find yourself in a need of a pick me up, then Leslie Knope is your gal. Her quotes are inspirational, funny, and timeless. And thankfully, her wisdom shines through just as well in Parks and Recreation GIFs as it does in the actual show.

Sometimes, life gets so busy that you don't have time to sit down and watch an episode of your favorite comedy. But just because things are hectic, that doesn't mean you can't visit Pawnee in another way, though. It's a fact universally acknowledged that the best part of the internet is gifs. Not only are they a great way to communicate how you're feeling without saying a single word, they're also perfect for when you need a virtual hug.

And when it comes to giving out virtual hugs — or better yet, virtual waffles — there's no one better suited to the task than Leslie. For seven seasons, the Pawnee parks director proved herself to be a ball of energy and positivity, who could even make Ron Swanson begrudgingly smile from time to time. Leslie is the perfect character to turn to if you're feeling a bit blue, and if you need proof, just check out the 23 GIFs below.

1. She's Never Afraid To Sing Her Own Praises

Leslie knows she's a warrior, and she wants you to know you're one too.

2. But She Also Lifts Up Other Women

Hey, things may be tough, but Leslie will always have your back.

3. Her Compliments Will Make You Feel So Empowered

Need a compliment? Just pretend you're Ann Perkins and let the love wash over you.

4. She Even Inspires Herself

You can totally inspire yourself, and it's the best feeling.

5. She Knows When To Offer Encouragement

Everyone needs a boost of encouragement sometimes, and it's totally cool to give one to yourself.

6. And Inventing Uplifting Holidays Is Her Jam

Inventing a holiday is not a bad way to make a blah day magical.

7. Just Try Being Down When Leslie Busts A Move

If Leslie dancing isn't inspiring then nothing is.

8. No, Seriously, Her Compliments Are Ace

You are a sun goddess. Leslie has declared it so.

9. She Doesn't Let Others Stop Her From Being Herself

When people try to bring Leslie down, she just embraces her awesomeness even more.

10. She Just Has A Lot Of Love To Give

Putting love out in the world is a great way to invite positivity into your own life.

11. Her Priorities Are Thoroughly Sorted

Don't let work overwhelm you, because while it's important, it's not the only thing that makes your life amazing.

12. When She Gets The Chance To High Five Michelle Obama, She Takes It

Forget that old saying about never meeting your heroes. Meet them and give them a high five (if they're OK with that).

13. She Always Shares The Love

Telling the people you love that you think they're the best makes you feel great too.

14. Even Her Vows Are Uplifting

Seriously, even Leslie Knope's wedding vows are #goals.

15. Her Calming Techniques Will Make You Smile

Walking past Colin Firth's house may not be an option, but this GIF alone will make you feel calmer.

16. Seeing Her Vote For Herself Will Make You Feel Powerful AF

Believing in yourself is the best super power.

17. Just Seeing Her Be A Boss Is Inspiration Fuel

Need to feel like a boss? Just Google Leslie Knope.

18. She's A Master Hugger

A hug from a friend (or pet) can cure almost anything that ails you.

19. She Knows Her Heroes Are Just Like Everyone Else

Theodore Roosevelt said comparison is the thief of joy, but it's not when you realize the people you admire are just like everyone else when it comes time to chill out.

20. Her High Five Skills Are On Point

Take that Knope high five and conquer the world.

21. And She Knows Waffles Make Everything Better

And finally, if all else fails, there's always waffles.

Everyone needs inspiration sometimes, and when that time comes, Leslie will always be there with compliments, self love, and waffle-fueled GIFs.