21 Valentine's Day Cards For The Book Nerd In Your Life

Before the jewelry and roses, before the candy hearts and stuffed teddy bears, before the overwhelming expectation of unique gift giving hijacked the holiday, Valentine's Day was best known for something else: its endless supply of cheesy, romantic, sexy, and, above all, corny cards. This year, it is time to once again honor the traditions you started in elementary school by picking out funny (and often punny) Valentine's Day cards for all the book nerds in you life.

There is a lot of pressure around choosing the *perfect* gift for your Valentine. When you were younger, though, the holiday was much simpler, and much more fun. Instead of spending hours trying to find a present that accurately represents your unique relationship and where it stands, all you had to do was trade funny Valentine's Day cards to other kids in you class. There was no budgeting for an expensive dinner and a big box of chocolates, no agonizing over whether or not jewelry is too serious of a gift, and no stressing about whether or not it was "too soon" to spend the day together. Valentine's Day as a kid was easy: get cards, attach candy, trade, repeat. If you ask me, it's time to get back to the basics and celebrate Valentine's the good old fashioned way: with silly and witty cards.

Whether you are shopping for your bibliophilistic significant other or picking our Valentine's for the whole book club, here are 21 cards for book nerds that will make them swoon.

This Ode to Emily Dickinson

Who needs Emily's love poems when you have her sultry punctuation to work with?

Emily Dickinson Valentine, $5, Etsy

This Newspeak Declaration of Love

We're living in a dystopia in 2018, so you might as well own it this Valentine's Day.

George Orwell 1984 Inspired Card, $4, Etsy

This Author Inspired Pun

If anyone knows how to throw a *Wilde* Valentine's Day, it's probably the author of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Oscar Wilde Valentine's Day Card, $5, Etsy

This Overdue Library Joke

Do library puns ever old? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Overdue Book Pun Card, $4, Etsy

This Quidditch Come On

Let the members of your Golden Trio know where they belong: with you.

You're A Keeper Valentine's Card, $3, Etsy

This Very Realistic Valentine

It may not be the most romantic card in the world, but is possibly the most truthful.

Favorite Addiction Watercolor Card, $4, Etsy

This Shy Confession

A quote from one of Jane Austen's most underrated heroes: Mr. Knightley.

Jane Austen Emma Valentine, $2, Etsy

This Dementor Flirtation

For Potterheads who know how to stop your heart.

You Take My Breath Away Card, $3, Etsy

This Library Pun

Library lovers, rejoice! There is a hilarious and punny Valentines Day card designed specifically for you.

Checking You Out Valentine's Day Card, $4+, Etsy

This Tear-Jerker

Try and exchange this card without crying, I dare you.

Game of Thrones Valentine's Day Card, $4, Etsy

This Literary Pick Up Line

Even serious pieces of literature can be reduced to sexy puns if you're willing to put the work in.

Gabriel García Márquez Valentine, $5, Etsy

This Visual Love Story

In some cases, pictures — especially adorable ones like this card — speak louder than words.

Canoodle Doodle No. 51, $5, Etsy

This Sexy Insinuation

Get it? But do you get it? You got it.

You're Stacked Card, $3+, Etsy

This A-Dumbledore-able Card

Have you ever seen anything so a-Dumbledore-able in you Harry Potter-loving life?

Harry Potter Dumbledore Card, $2+, Etsy

This Nerdy Compliment

The perfect card for someone you want to spend quality time in the stacks with.

Nerdy Letterpress Valentine, $4, Etsy

This Little Haikutie

Can't find a Valentine that expresses how you truly feel? Use this customizable haiku-style card to spell your love out.

Haikutie, $4, Etsy

This Very Accurate Statement

If only dating books was considered socially acceptable.

Bookworm Valentine, $4, Etsy

This Superior Praise

Has a book-lover ever bestowed a nicer compliment?

Bookish Card, $4, Etsy


Even on Valentine's Day, book-lovers keep it real.

Funny Valentine's Day Book Lover Card, $5, Etsy

This Sweet Sentiment

This Happy Ending

Every love story deserves a happily ever after.

My book Valentine's Day Card, $4, Etsy