21 Romantic '90s Movies Scenes That Will Still Give You ALL The Feels

As you've probably noticed, the '90s are having a major comeback — and they have been for quite a while. Probably because so many millennials are currently adults, who are feeling super nostalgic for the good ol' days of their childhoods. Among all the flashback fashion, music, and movies getting the spotlight, there are plenty of important pop-culture moments that are worth looking back on. That includes these romantic '90s movies scenes that will still hit you right in the feels. From the Titanic to Clueless to Selena, the '90s were the prime time to fall in love with heartthrobs and swoon over perfect (and not-so-perfect) on-screen couples.

The '90s and early 2000s were the Golden Age for rom-coms, but they also were a great time for love stories of all genres. Not to be sappy, but love is lovely to watch on screen, and even the most heartbreaking moments can impact the idea of romance for decades to come. The moments below have been parodied, they've been plastered on vintage shirts and posters, and they've been recited by fans a million times over. They're here to stick around, so here's a look back on the greatest romantic scenes from the '90s.


Jack Draws Rose In 'Titanic'

Alright, odds are you've seen Titanic. And if that's true, then you, of course, have this scene embedded in your brain, as you should. The longing stares and the tension bring together such a memorable moment, and one that sparks their epic romance. It ends not-so-greatly, but the ride there was worth it.


Patrick Sings To Kat In Front of The Whole School In '10 Things I Hate About You'

Everyone knows that a rom-com has to have that one epic, romantic gesture, but most of them can't beat Heath Ledgers' marching band-backed performance of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Patrick (Ledger) really screwed things up and hurt Kat's feelings, and this glorious redemption performance is swoon-worthy to the max.


Selena & Chris' "I Don't Want To Lose You" Convo In 'Selena'

Selena tells the tragic true story of '90s Tejano Queen, Selena Quintanilla. Part of that telling focuses on her love story with Chris Perez, a guitarist in her band, and how his bad boy image almost got in the way. His declaration in this scene of knowing why her fans love her so much (because he loves her) is just too much to handle.


Edward Climbing Up The Fire Escape To Vivian In 'Pretty Woman'

As already mentioned, a grand gesture to prove your love doesn't have to be a musical number (although we're still grateful for that — thank you, Heath Ledger). It can also be visibly conquering your fears to declare your undying love for your person, and Edward in Pretty Woman gets it so right. Also Vivian's legendary response to, "So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her," will get you every time.


Kat Reads Her Poem To The Class In '10 Things I Hate About You'

You can't talk about 10 Things I Hate About You without talking about Kat's poem. Yeah, it's heartbreaking to watch, but it also shows just how much Patrick cares for her when the camera pans to his gutted face. It leads to their eventual happy ending though, so in this case, you truly have to weather some storms before you get to the sun.


Viola Has To Leave William In 'Shakespeare In Love'

Romeo and Juliet is well-known and basically the definition of "classic" (see below, too). But this fictitious reimagining of how Shakespeare's personal love life influenced that play, along with The Twelfth Night, is full of of dramatic love. Viola and William's love is feverish and passionate, and it's truly a story about deep yet fast love. Despite their immense feelings, Viola has to leave and she urges him about her "well," which he does in the The Twelfth Night.


Lucy Falling For The Real Love Of Her Life In 'While You Were Sleeping'

Lucy is supposed to be in love and engaged to Peter, who she's been secretly in love with for a while. But when she gets to know his brother Jack, she realizes she loves his soul more than she ever could Peter's. This scene where they clumsily fall in love is so sweet to watch.


The Baseball Kiss Ending In 'Never Been Kissed'

Drew Barrymore plays a naive journalist who's never kissed anyone before. But instead of sharing that detail with the world, she uses it to her advantage and goes undercover as a high schooler. In the end, she develops feelings for her English teacher Sam. After writing a story detailing all of this, she vows to stand on a baseball field waiting for him to come kiss her. Of course, she's already revealed she's not a high schooler, so Sam shows up at the last minute and — spoiler — she gets her first kiss.


When Mulan Brings Home A Man In 'Mulan'

Mulan is not a typical love story between two individuals, but rather more of a love story for herself. However, there is a bit of romance to it, and when Shang comes to her house, it really is sweet. They don't have a lovey-dovey individual moment, but seeing this gesture just proves his feelings for her. Her grandmother's reaction to seeing Shang is also a hilarious ending.


When Josh & Cher Finally Seal The Deal In 'Clueless'

Former step-siblings turned crushes turned loves is a bit of a head-turning plot, however Cher and Josh's sweet kiss near the end of Clueless is super cute. Plus, Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone in this movie? They deserve major props.


When Romeo & Juliet First Meet In 'Romeo + Juliet'

A love story just as tragic as it is a classic, Romeo + Juliet is an eccentric yet near-perfect adaptation of William Shakespeare's story. The way that Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes deliver the iconic lines and longing glances make this scene romantically perfect, even if their ending isn't.


The "Something There" Scene & Snowball Fight In 'Beauty & The Beast'

This scene is really when you get to see Belle and the Beast bonding and developing feelings for each other. Despite Belle being a prisoner, their attraction towards each other — even if it's just based on personality — is cute to see during this heartwarming song.


Sebastian Breaks Annette's Heart In 'Cruel Intentions'

Some romantic scenes can actually be super heartbreaking, which is what happens here. Sebastian has successfully wooed Annette and fallen in love with her in the process. In order to spare her feelings and not let Catherine make a fool of her, he tries to deny his feelings and therefore breaks both of their hearts in the process. The film has a pretty disastrous ending for Sebastian, but this scene proved he did love her.


When Alan & Sarah Get a Do-Over On Life In 'Jumanji'

As teens, Alan and Sarah were sort of tip-toeing around possibly having feelings for each other. But then Alan lost out on his whole childhood, Sarah became sort of unhinged after seeing him sucked into a game, and it was just a miserable couple decades for both of them.

So in the end, when they get a do-over on their childhoods and they still end up together, it's definitely a romantic moment. Plus, the audience gets to see their attempt to save the Shepherd parents, so it seems there's a happy ending for everyone.


Jasmine & Aladdin's "Do You Trust Me?" Convo In 'Aladdin'

Whoever claims that they didn't have a crush on cartoon Aladdin is, for sure, lying. His charisma, kindness, and voice all combined to create a pretty good leading man, despite being a cartoon. This scene where you really start to see the sparks fly between Jasmine and him, and his, "Do you trust me?" is super cute.


Kim & Julianne Make Up In 'My Best Friend's Wedding'

OK, so this isn't a "romantic" scene like the others, but hear me out. It's the moment in the film where Julianne (Julia Roberts) makes up for hurting Kim (Cameron Diaz). She gives up on her fantasy of being with Michael one day, and realizes what she's done and has to make it right.

That, coupled with the women empowering Kim through it all and then congratulating them on making up, is just one huge women supporting women love scene.


Zack Expressing His Feelings For Laney Boggs In 'She's All That'

Even though their budding relationship started off because of a bet, and then was ruined because of it, in the end, Zack made up with Laney. They share a super sweet scene where he apologizes and she realizes he truly has feelings for her, beyond her new makeover. Plus, the bet led to the naked soccer ball scene at the very end, so how bad was the bet as a whole? Honestly, a great outcome.


The "What Ifs" For Kathleen & Joe In 'You've Got Mail'

They never met in person, but the Kathleen and Joe — known to each other as "Shopgirl" and "NY152," respectively — are virtual enemies thanks to their jobs. Joe is part of a family that owns a chain of successful book stores, whereas Kathleen owns her own independent store that she inherited from her mom. This scene isn't hot or heavy (that's also not the tone of the movie), but it's bittersweet and touches on what could have been if the two weren't so tangled up in that negative way.


Sailing Away To Happiness In 'Anastasia'

Here's another cartoon — and one that's often confused for a Disney princess movie, even though it's from 20th Century Fox — that was based a true story, but of course, made a bit more magical. The songs are great, it has a darkness to it that other cartoons at the time didn't, and it gave a hate-turned-to-love relationship for the ages. Even though Anya punched Dimitri in the nose at the beginning, their moment of sailing away while dancing and in love is *chef's kiss.*


The Sweet Proposal In 'Runaway Bride'

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are back at it again in this film, and there are a lot of ups and downs. As opposed to Pretty Woman, their characters in Runaway Bride don't start a relationship until much later in the film because she's engaged to someone else. Maggie (Roberts) has a penchant for running away at the altar, but then realizes she was never herself with those men, which is what scared her. Ike (Gere) has finally seen the real her, which of course scares her, but these scene of Maggie coming to terms with their love and proposing to him is sweet, empowering, and a loving end to their story.


When The Parents Get Back Together In 'The Parent Trap

The whole premise of The Parent Trap is about Hallie and Annie wanting to work together to get their parents back in a relationship (after, of course, the twins get over their initial dislike of each other). So at the end of the film, when Nick beats Liz back to her house in the U.K., we were all Hallie as she slid down the way from the residual cuteness of it all.

Now that you've reminisced about all these romantic movie moments, feel free to hit replay as many times as you want — no judgment.