21 Romantic '90s Movies Scenes That Will Still Give You So Many Feelings

As you've probably noticed, the '90s are having a major comeback — and they have been for quite a while. Probably because so many millennials are currently adults, who are feeling super nostalgic for the good ol' days of their childhoods. Among all the flashback fashion, music, and movies getting the spotlight, there are plenty of important pop-culture moments that are worth looking back on. That includes these romantic '90s movies scenes that will still hit you right in the feels. From the Titanic to Clueless to Selena, the '90s were the prime time to fall in love with heartthrobs and swoon over perfect (and not-so-perfect) on-screen couples.

The '90s and early 2000s were the Golden Age for rom-coms, but they also were a great time for love stories of all genres. Not to be sappy, but love is lovely to watch on screen, and even the most heartbreaking moments can impact the idea of romance for decades to come. The moments below have been parodied, they've been plastered on vintage shirts and posters, and they've been recited by fans a million times over. They're here to stick around, so here's a look back on the greatest romantic scenes from the '90s.