21 Tweets About Hannah's 'Bachelorette' Finale That Show Just How Wild Her Journey Really Was

John Fleenor/ABC

Hannah had hoped to walk away from her season of The Bachelorette with a happy ending, but what started out as a fairytale quickly turned into her worst nightmare after Jed's ex-girlfriend scandal brought their engagement (and relationship) to a crashing halt. And while she herself was obviously devastated about how things turned out, tweets about Hannah's Bachelorette finale prove not only that this journey was a wild ride up until the very end, but also that fans have been beside her every step of the way.

Viewers have become invested in Hannah's story, which made it difficult to see it result in so much heartache. But like she's done for most of the season, Hannah faced those obstacles head on and it ultimately only made her a stronger individual. And hey, the end still left room for a potential happy ending with Tyler if that drink date works out well, so you never know. Hannah could still get that happily ever after she was hoping for when all is said and done.

Nevertheless, there were a lot of unforgettable moments to enjoy while watching the season finale play out and these tweets prove once and for all that Chris Harrison wasn't kidding — this was definitely one of the most dramatic seasons in Bachelorette history.

1. #TeamTyler Is Alive & Well

Has there ever been two people so giddy to see each other on After the Final Rose who aren't the ones who got engaged? Seriously, their chemistry is off the charts even now.

2. A Rare Shot Of Jed Without A Guitar In His Hand

If fans never have to hear Jed sing and play on that damn guitar again it'll be too soon.

3. Two Peas In A Pod: A Luke P. & Jed Story

Jed didn't think Luke P. deserved to be on the show anymore due to his toxic and unacceptable behavior toward Hannah. Pot, meet kettle.

4. The Emojis Speak For Themselves

Luckily, Tuesday was trash day and Hannah wasted no time getting rid of all the garbage in her life.

5. The Only Music Crossover That Mattered This Season

And no, Jed, you cannot perform at their wedding.

6. Maybe Second Time Is The Charm

Hopefully Round 2 would involve 100 percent less of Luke P.

7. When You Realize Hannah & Tyler May Get Back Together

Good for them and everything, but what about the rest of us?

8. Just Kidding, These Two Are Too Cute Together

Tyler isn't Hannah's only cheerleader.

9. The Struggle Is Real

Can you tell Bachelor Nation is collectively conflicted on the matter?

10. Chris Harrison: Serving Looks Since 2002

A word of advice for future Bachelors or Bachelorettes: you can't get anything past Chris Harrison.

11. Art Really Can Imitate Reality

On the bright side, this should give Jed plenty of material to write about for any new songs.

12. The Moment Hannah Said What We All Were Thinking

She just went for it on national TV like the boss lady that she is. Respect.

13. Can Someone Say Spinoff?

Would watch the hell out of a Notebook/Bachelorette crossover spinoff, TBH.

14. Trying To Follow Jed's Logic Like...

Just keep on digging that grave, buddy.

15. The Only Time Jed Missed An Opportunity To Promote His Music

Instead of taking out his guitar, Jed used his final word to speak to Hannah. What's wrong, dude? You feeling OK?

16. Expectation Vs. Reality

"This is not what I paid for, Karen!"

17. When Your Mama Bear Instincts For Tyler C. Kick In

We must protect him at all costs.

18. Jed's "Qualities" Were All Full Display

Sorry, pal, you can't sing your way out of this one.

19. Hannah & Tyler Sitting In A Tree...

Same, girl. Same.

20. When You Realize You're The Least Popular Person In The Room

But all press is good press... right???

21. Are They Really Gonna Leave Us Hanging Like This?

What happens next? Will Hannah and Tyler get back together? Who's gonna start the petition for ABC to redo this finale?