21 Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Ideas For Your Co-workers

I know Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating with those you love, but just think about how many hours you’re actually spending with your coworkers throughout the week. Like them, love them, loathe them; there’s no denying that they are still a big part of your life. Which is why giving Valentine’s Day gifts to co-workers isn't a weird thing or even a terrible idea.

The gifts below vary — they range from food to desk accessories to office organizers to cute office décor. There’s an adorable emoji lunch bag perfect for the person who loves to bring lunch every day. There’s a box of chocolates that look so delicious that you may just end up sharing with your coworker. And, of course, there are some desk organizers that you can not only help make their workspace become less chaotic with — but you can help them set it up as well.

No matter what kind of office environment you are in, it’s still possible to show the people you work side-by-side with how much you care about them and their work. Even if you feel hostile towards some, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to make amends and to treat them with care. I mean, there’s already so much hate in this world, we may as well treat those around us with the utmost respect, right?

Small Metal Frame


Small Metal Frame, $10, H&M

Perfect to hang pictures against their cubicle walls!

Sweet Heart Pretzel Pizza


Sweet Heart Pretzel Pizza, $19, Macy’s

Not only is this a heart shaped, pretzel pizza…but it comes with hammer to break it apart. How strangely satisfying.

Boss Lady Mug

Boss Lady Mug

Boss Lady Mug, $15, Etsy

For all the boss ladies in your life, let them know how much you appreciate their leadership.

Best Year Ever Desk Calendar


Best Year Ever Desk Calendar, $20, Dormify

For that co-worker that never knows what the date is.

Patterned Mug


Patterned Mug, $6, H&M

If pink isn’t their thing, this mug comes in other colors including dusky green and white.

Out To Lunch Tote

Kate Spade

Out To Lunch Tote, $30, Kate Spade

Friends with the person who is always bringing their lunch? Upgrade their lunch game with this cute lunch tote!

New York Tote Bag

Paper Source

New York Tote Bag, $23, Paper Source

This is for the coworkers who love hitting up the gym after work — give them this tote as a gym bag. The same tote is also available for cities like San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

My Nutella Spoon


My Nutella Spoon, $7, Etsy

Have a co-worker who can’t help but eat Nutella from a spoon at their desk?

Large Metal Wire Basket


Large Metal Wire Basket, $18, H&M

Are you sitting next to someone who always has papers and folders everywhere, and they feel so stressed about it? But them this wire basket and help them organize everything!

Frango Chocolates 15 pc.


Frango Chocolates 15 pc., $7, Macy’s

I’m going to take a guess and say that whomever you give this to will probably offer you some…

Acrylic Pencil Holder


Acrylic Pencil Holder, $24, Dormify

Is your co-worker still using a Styrofoam cup to hold all of their pens? Then they probably need this!

Fingerless Mittens — Wrist Warmers


Fingerless Mittens – Wrist Warmers, $32, Etsy

It’s colder out — which means more complaining about the office temperatures! Satisfy those cold working hands with some of these fingerless mittens. Perfect to wear while typing away at the keyboard!

Productivity Planner

Paper Source

Productivity Planner, $25, Paper Source

Is there someone in the office who always talks about how much she would love to get more organized? Get her in the right direction!


West Elm

Coasters, $21, West Elm

For the office Monica’s out there (aka, a character from Friends who is so clean it hurts sometimes), get them a set of coasters.

Card Holder

Kate Spade

Card Holder, $48, Kate Spade

Do most of your co-workers have their business cards floating around in their wallet? Give them a professional look with this cardholder, sure to impress at their next networking event.

Calm Scented Candle


Calm Scented Candle, $13, H&M

For the people in the office who are always working crazy hours, help them get calm.

Emoji Lunch Bag

Paper Source

Emoji Lunch Bag, $22, Paper Source

Another lunch bag, but this one is for the playful co-worker who can't help but throw some emojis in your emails!

Mint To Be Desk Collection


Mint To Be Desk Collection, $7 - $100, Dormify

Is your office buddy always talking about how much they would love to organize and decorate their desk? Then get them a whole set to play with!

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle Sign


Cubicle Sweet Cubicle Sign, $15, Etsy

Because sometimes a cubicle feels more like a home.

Striped Angle Geometric Bookend

West Elm

Striped Angle Geometric Bookend, $49, West Elm

For the book lovers (or reference book keepers), this bookend will help keep their desk looking less chaotic.

Honey Bodycare Set

Paper Source

Honey Bodycare Set, $30, Paper Source

Lastly, for the co-workers who just need a spa break, get them this mini body care set to treat themselves throughout the work day.