21 Weird But Amazing Things On Amazon That’ll Even Please Picky People

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I'm a pretty particular person, so I normally end up attracting more of the same. My friends are all detail-oriented and have super high standards, which is wonderful—until their birthdays roll around. Then it's a nightmare. Thankfully, Amazon has some weird but amazing products for picky people, so I don't end up gifting them some impersonal bottle of wine or a coffee mug I bought hastily at the last minute.

In my experience, the best gifts for picky people are stylish, innovative, and functional all at once. I don't like decorative things that sit on my bookshelf collecting dust. If I don't get good use out of it on a semi-regular basis, it's probably going into the nearest donation box. I only clear out space for objects that get the job done better and more efficiently, or genuinely improve my quality of life. Does that make me picky? Sure, but there are very few things in my house that aren't useful, so I'm cool with it!

If you're not sure what to get that admittedly high-maintenance person, or you're just looking for the newest and coolest products that Amazon has to offer, check out these 21 items for people who are extra hard to please.

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