22 Powerful Random Acts Of Kindness Day Memes To Remind You That It Only Takes A Moment To Make An Impact


In today's uncertain political climate, it's become easy to feel isolated from others. That's why Random Acts of Kindness Day couldn't have come at a better time. February 17 stands as a reminder that kindness can connect us in ways so much more powerful than anything fear tries to break us with. Started by the non-profit, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), the day falls during their annual RAK week. The week is comprised of different challenges for people to partake in which spread kindness into the world, such as buying a cup of coffee for a stranger or leaving a nice note for your co-worker.

RAK's mission statement, "Kindness starts with one," promotes the idea that each person can make a difference. This is true in other people's lives as well as your own. An act of kindness is beneficial for both parties involved and has the power to start a chain reaction that will impact those you may never even meet.

On Twitter, the trending hashtag #RandomActsOfKindness has users sharing everything from how they'll spend their day to powerful memes. Looking for a few, easy ideas to use? Check out one user's suggestions of how you can have an impact through kindness today and every day:

Here are some of the most inspirational memes, because even though things may feel chaotic right now, kindness has not left the building:

1Lift The Spirits of Those Around You

2Your Impact Goes A Long Way

3We All Need A Friend

4It's Not About What We Get In Return

5Someone Will Always See Your Worth

6Kindness Is Goodness Put Out To The World

7Believe In It's Power

8It's Kind To Your Body

9Together We Can Change The World

10It's The Universal Language

11Your New Mantra

12Help Your Friends

13Kindness Is Selfless

14The Time To Be Kind Is Always Now

15Someone Is Always Impacted

16The Effect Of Your Kindness Is Endless

17We All Have The Ability To Be Kind

18One Act At A Time, The World Becomes A Better Place

19It's One Step Of The Way There

20We Work When We Work Together

21It Only Takes A Moment To Make A Difference

22Always Choose Kindness

Now that you've read through, stay inspired and go out to spread kindness yourself. It's one thing you'll never regret doing.