22 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters In Season 1 Vs. The Final Episodes

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Well, it finally happened. The day fans anticipated and dreaded equally arrived, and viewers finally discovered who A.D. is on Pretty Little Liars. It took seven seasons, dozens of crazy plot twists, and even more insane fan theories, but it happened. And the whole thing probably has you feeling pretty nostalgic about how these characters have changed over the years. When you sit down and truly take a look at the Pretty Little Liars characters from start to finish, there are some drastic differences. It isn't just that a lot of them look physically different (some of them totally do — wow, Jason), but also how PLL characters have changed over the seasons personality-wise, which is clearly influenced by just how traumatic their lives have been.

Some characters have become more mature; others, less cruel. And then there are some who simply found the courage to be themselves, love who they want, or fight back. There are also some characters who, for better or worse, haven't changed in the least bit. For those who start and end as a total sweetheart amid all of the horrors Rosewood offers, it's really quite the feat.

Snuggle down in your fave black hoodie, and let's take a trip down the murky path of memory lane.

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