22 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters In Season 1 Vs. The Final Episodes

Well, it finally happened. The day fans anticipated and dreaded equally arrived, and viewers finally discovered who A.D. is on Pretty Little Liars. It took seven seasons, dozens of crazy plot twists, and even more insane fan theories, but it happened. And the whole thing probably has you feeling pretty nostalgic about how these characters have changed over the years. When you sit down and truly take a look at the Pretty Little Liars characters from start to finish, there are some drastic differences. It isn't just that a lot of them look physically different (some of them totally do — wow, Jason), but also how PLL characters have changed over the seasons personality-wise, which is clearly influenced by just how traumatic their lives have been.

Some characters have become more mature; others, less cruel. And then there are some who simply found the courage to be themselves, love who they want, or fight back. There are also some characters who, for better or worse, haven't changed in the least bit. For those who start and end as a total sweetheart amid all of the horrors Rosewood offers, it's really quite the feat.

Snuggle down in your fave black hoodie, and let's take a trip down the murky path of memory lane.

1. Spencer Hastings (Season 1)

Cool, carefree, and sometimes a little too cocky for her own good, Spencer starts the show pretty chill (or as chill as the character can possibly be).


Spencer Hastings (Season 7)

Naturally, seven seasons worth of torment and the discovery of several family secrets, including your own evil twin, definitely put a crimp in Spencer's chill.


2. Hanna Marin (Season 1)

Early on, Hanna is snarky, acid-tongued, and utterly fabulous. And she always has time for Mona.


Hanna Marin (Season 7)

Funnily enough, by the end of the show, Hanna is still snarky, acid-tongued, and always there for Mona. And fabulous the whole way.


3. Aria Montgomery (Season 1)

Bright-eyed and inquisitive, Aria starts out the show trying (and failing) to fight a love match with Ezra, her hot English teacher.


Aria Montgomery (Season 7)

OK, so she's a little less bright-eyed by the finale, but Aria actually manages to find lasting happiness with Ezra.


4. Emily Fields (Season 1)

Emily begins PLL by coming to terms with her sexuality and what the actual nature of her relationship with Alison means.


Emily Fields (Season 7)

By the end, Emily is totally assured in her identity and her relationship with Alison. And she even has two babies and a ring, to boot.


5. Alison DiLaurentis (Season 1)

Aside from being "dead" at the start of PLL, Ali also comes across as the ultimate manipulative mean girl with more secrets than a hidden, underground lair.


Alison DiLaurentis (Season 7)

Alive and well, Ali makes an official return to Rosewood. By Season 7, she is (mostly) a lot kinder and allows herself to embrace her love for Emily.


6. Ezra Fitz (Season 1)

OK, Ezra might have always been a cutie. But as an older man in a position of authority, who exploits that fact to hang out with teenage girls, Ezra is also super suspicious, too.


Ezra Fitz (Season 7)

The character continues being so suspicious that fans believe that Ezra could have been A.D. right up until the finale. But still, at least he manages to mature and right some of the errors in his past ways.


7. Mona Vanderwaal (Season 1)

It's clear that Mona is always up to something, and that viewers might never truly understand the full scope of her motives, actions, or behavior.


Mona Vanderwaal (Season 7)

Not only has actor Janel Parish barely aged, but as a character, Mona is still pulling mysterious stunts right up until her final scene.

Freeform/Eric McCandless

8. Caleb Rivers (Season 1)

Just look at that hair, you guys. In Season 1, Caleb is Hanna's hot boyfriend who was both fun and a little angsty. He also happens to know his way around computers, which is useful.


Caleb Rivers (Season 7)

By Season 7, he might still be hot, but Caleb's also a whole lot less fun. Still, his computer skills manage to always come in handy.

Freeform/Eric McCandless

9. Toby Cavanaugh (Season 1)

For a while there, Toby is the token town weirdo, who's rumored to have been hooking up with his sister.


Toby Cavanaugh (Season 7)

Thankfully, by Season 7, fans get to realize what an absolute sweetheart this character is, and how his devotion to Spencer is so powerful it saves the day.


10. Wren Kingston (Season 1)

This British guy is sleazy and has a major thing for the Hastings sisters. Suffice to say, he's shady as hell, but fans love him regardless.


Wren Kingston (Season 7)

Not much changes, eh, guys? Wren turns out to be one of the shadiest characters of PLL, and his apparently boundless love for Spencer (and her sisters) make for one of the greatest plot twists in the show's history. (But by the end of the series, sadly he's killed by A.D.)


11. Paige McCullers (Season 1)

At first, Paige is flirtatious, but a little mean, in her sexual self-discovery and figuring out her feelings for Emily.


Paige McCullers (Season 7)

By the end, of course, Paige is totally comfortable with her sexuality. But that doesn't mean she isn't still trying to come to terms with her feelings for Emily.


12. Ashley Marin (Season 1)

Look, Ashley is one of those cool moms, OK? And she'd do anything for Hanna.


Ashley Marin (Season 7)

Just look at her. She is still the coolest mom, right up until her final scene.


13. Ella Montgomery (Season 1)

Ella is absolute, pure unadulterated sass. Every step of the way.


Ella Montgomery (Season 7)

Still a glorious sass-fest, Ella is still making snarky comments against people like Ezra's mom, all the way 'til the end. Give her a spin-off, please.


14. Byron Montgomery (Season 1)

Like many of Rosewood's dads, Byron has a lot of sleazy secrets, and he's pretty stern and unpleasant when it comes to his "parenting" style.


Byron Montgomery (Season 7)

Let's just say that he's considerably softened by the finale. And thankfully, he doesn't make a thing of continuing the sleazy mistakes of his past.


15. Veronica Hastings (Season 1)

Early on, Veronica is portrayed as being the most judgmental out of all of the Rosewood moms.


Veronica Hastings (Season 7)

By Season 7, however, it's clear that our girl Ronnie is just misunderstood and trying to protect her daughter.

16. Jenna Marshall (Season 1)

May you never forget that the Liars actually treat Jenna despicably in the events prior to, and during, Season 1. That girl earns the right to be such a creepy, crazy, nuisance (well, to an extent).


Jenna Marshall (Season 7)

Total same. In every way. Except in the finale, Jenna actually comes through and helps save the day.


17. Melissa Hastings (Season 1)

With her terrible taste in men and bitter rivalry with Spencer, Melissa is always suspicious and tremendously sour.


Melissa Hastings (Season 7)

Portrayed only in mask form during Season 7 (good one, Mona), the sheer sight of Melissa in a black hoodie could make every fan nod in recognition that this woman's shadiness will breed eternal.


18. Jason DiLaurentis (Season 1)

Jason was played by a different actor, for one thing. But also, Season 1 Jason is basically a bland, preppy, junior businessman, that all the Liars appear to feign a lot of care about.


Jason DiLaurentis (Season 7)

Clearly being a DiLaurentis is enough to send a man off the deep end, because Jason somehow miraculously transforms into this long-haired, hippy Adonis by Season 7. And fair play to the guy — he wears it well.


19. Lucas Gottesman (Season 1)

Sweet, dorky Lucas has a bit of a thing for Hanna and a bit of a chip on his shoulder.


Lucas Gottesman (Season 7)

Sweet, dorky Lucas then grows up to become this guy, who still has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, but hey, at least he's matured. And supposedly learned some tap-dancing skills (or at least in Mona's dream).


20. Noel Kahn (Season 1)

He's definitely cute, but my goodness, what a jerk. On every level. Oh, and let's not forget that he's also a master manipulator and totally shady.


Noel Kahn (Season 7)

This all comes together when fans discover that Noel is on the A Team, and his sneaky behavior leads to him quite literally losing his damn head. He's still cute, though.

21. Pam Fields (Season 1)

Pam's always been a sweetheart, do you hear me? A sweetheart.


Pam Fields (Season 7)

And as proven by her unequivocal adorableness in Season 7, she forever will be.

22. Peter Hastings (Season 1)

Mr. Hastings is the worst. He's a terrible father, a horrendous husband, and just a downright bad man.


Peter Hastings (Season 7)

By Season 7, nothing has changed. In fact, his stock manages to get even lower (as if that was even possible) when fans find out that he's basically part of the main reason why everyone is being tortured by unloved, vengeful children for so long.