22 Weird But Genius Things Millennials Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

By Emily Estep
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Every young person may be unique, but there are plenty of genius things millennials are buying that give them common ground — products that help them practice self-care, relax a bit, and become more efficient with their time. Of course, the things that millennials are buying also tend to reveal what's trending, as they always seem to have their wallets out for whatever's currently going viral.

For the most part, millennials tend to make as many purchases online as possible, with a preference towards quick shipping and products that come highly backed by consumers — both of which are found on Amazon. With no need to physically browse through aisles or wait on line, this makes things easier for a chronically busy generation.

Millennials are also leaning more towards minimalism, favoring multi-tasking products that'll pay for themselves and have more than one use. But hey, they'll always make an exception for something that's unicorn-themed or covered in millennial pink.

Whether you're seeking some of the latest things that are trending, or you're just looking to find out what the kids are into these days, there are plenty of weird but genius things on Amazon that are being purchased by Generation Y. And spoiler alert: only one has to do with avocado toast.

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